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How to win the Sugar Bowl

First, don’t play Wisconsin during the regular season. Then, get invited to the Sugar Bowl and play a perpetually overrated school.

When there, get out-gained, 377 to 184 total yards, get out-rushed, 163 to 56 yards, get out-passed, 214 to 128 yards, and have possession of the ball nearly 14 minutes less than your opponent. And finally, play a team with a third-string place kicker who, after successfully kicking four field goals in regulation, can’t make a 37-yarder in overtime. Yes, it was another day of kicking sensations.

College football — ya gotta love it.



Hokies Gobble Up The Vols

Recap ♦♦♦ Box Score ♦♦♦ Play-by-Play ♦♦♦ Drive Chart

Lane Kiffin's head hurt Thursday night, too, just like mine. Photo by Amy Smotherman Burgess.

After you subtract the 55 yards the Vols lost by Jonathan Crompton getting sacked six times, Tennessee was left with 5 net yards rushing on Thursday night. Five. Thank goodness Montario Hardesty was able to get all 39 yards, or we would have been deep into negative numbers.

Tennessee head coach Lane Kiffin was quoted as saying “I was surprised we weren’t able to run the ball better.”

You and the entire Vol Nation, Lane.

Tip your orange hats to the Hokies, because they handed the orange arses back to the Vol players. Especially to Tennessee’s offensive line.

The Hokies were known as a great defensive squad against the pass, but known as a vulnerable unit against good running teams. The Hokies were known as one of the worst pass rush protection offensive lines in Division I, and the Vols were highly recognized as one of the nation’s best offensive lines against the dreaded sack.

I guess the magnetic field of the earth switched poles while everybody was busy unwrapping Christmas gifts last week.

It was the night of a blue moon after all… Read More…

Peach Bowl Game Preview

Welcome back, Vols, to the bowl game scene.

Sorry, S. Truett Cathy, but it's still the Peach Bowl. On second thought, after a little research, I'm not sorry at all.

A one-year layoff seems like a decade. That sentiment seems like it was motivation for Vol defensive tackle Wes Brown and company. “It’s all been about hard work and pulling together under coach Kiffin and really believing in each other,” Brown said upon arriving in Atlanta on Christmas. “We had a year last year where we were sitting at home for Christmas, and it was terrible to be honest with you. None of us wanted that again. We all went to work and made a promise to each other that wasn’t going to happen again. We were going to go somewhere, we’re going to end up somewhere and have a good time in January or December.”

Indeed it is good to be back playing in December/January. Considering our season’s performance, I think the opponent, the venue, and the date (a New Year’s Eve night) is a great way to end our season. We are fortunate to be where we are right now, and I’m looking forward to the challenge that the Hokies will give us. The matchup is terrific in many aspects. Here are my views on what should be a very entertaining game. Read More…

Trying to Shed a National Inferiority Complex

Virginia Tech is a proud football program, desperate to beat Tennessee because the Vols are in the SEC.

For Virginia Tech, the Peach Bowl game is a very big deal. If they win, they get a 10-win season.

Big deal.

The Hokies have had 10-win seasons 10 times before under Frank Beamer. So, it isn’t about that.

They’ve achieved way bigger things than that. For starters, they’ve had a perfect 11-0 regular season—remember the 1999 Miracle in Morgantown? They’ve played in the national championship game for goodness sake—the 2000 Sugar Bowl loss against Florida State.

It also isn’t about revenge against Tennessee over being manhandled by the Vols in the 1994 Gator Bowl when freshman Peyton Manning led Tennessee over the Hokies 45-23. And, it isn’t about revenge over their consecutive 27-0 losses at Knoxville in 1933 and 1937. Hardly.

The Peach Bowl game is about pride and recognition as a national entity. It’s about being a real player on the national stage. You know—about being one of the big boys. About belonging to the club.

Beating Tennessee would mean that much toward those aims? Read More…

A Rivalry Made in (Southern Appalachian) Heaven is All Talk

The Southern Appalachians region between Blacksburg and Knoxville is some of the most beautiful country found anywhere. This view is from Mt. Rogers in Virginia near the Tennessee border. Photo by NorCalVol.

I grew up in Kingsport, about four miles from the Virginia border. Four miles separating Vol territory from Hokie land. When I was a kid, I would listen to the Vols’ game on the radio on Saturday afternoon. Then on Sunday, I would watch the highlights show.

But I would also watch the Virginia Tech highlights show on WCYB-TV from Bristol, the town that is half in Tennessee and half in Virginia.

When it came to football, that state line, only four miles away, was like a foreign border to a kid. So watching the Sunday Tech highlights show back in those days was like peeking into a secret, made possible only because of living next to a state line. Read More…

Tech’s Perfect November Gives No ACC Crown

Virginia Tech 2009 Season Recap: Part III

Two consecutive, debilitating losses resulting in a fall from national grace—from fourth nationally to nearly the abyss of the unranked (inhabited by the beloved big orange, thank you)—had the Hokies feeling a bit lost around Halloween. East Carolina was perhaps the opponent-in-need to avoid the Hokies’ first three-game losing streak in six years. For motivation, Tech could conjure up memories of last season’s opening 27-22 upset loss to the Pirates in Charlotte, which was capped by a blocked punt returned 27 yards for the winning TD with just less than 2 minutes left. Certainly Tech wasn’t looking past East Carolina. This was the Hokies’ first visit to Greenville since 2000 and the Pirates and their fans certainly had this one circled on their calendars. Read More…

Tech’s September: Good Fortune then Great Performance

Virginia Tech 2009 Season Recap: Part I

A 7th-ranked Virginia Tech looked ahead at a potential opening loss against a strong Alabama as nothing to be worried about, even if the Hokies had big aspirations for 2009 — hoping to do more than just repeat as ACC champions. You might as well get a loss out of the way early. And a loss was, frankly speaking, expected as Tech’s key tailback, sophomore Darren Evans, who ran for 1,265 yards and 11 TDs last season, tore his ACL in preseason practice. Enter redshirt frosh Ryan Williams as Evans’ expected replacement. Read More…

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