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Back to normal

With little less than a minute remaining in the third quarter, New England scored at Denver to put the Pats up 34-14. That was a 20-point deficit for the Broncos against a marquee opponent, at home. A perfect script for another Tebow-esque performance that would have surpassed the previous six comeback wins. It would have been Iron Chef material, with apologies to Geoffrey Zakarian. The final act caved however. Instead of running through brick walls, Tebow’s Broncos traded fourth quarter TDs with the Patriots to let the thin air out of the big Mile High Balloon. It wasn’t in the cards. Of course neither were the previous heroic wins. Thousands of people actually do heroic things every day. God is a busy man. Far too busy for a man making a living playing professional sports. Teach a man to fish…

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After Denver’s defeat to San Diego (29-24) on October 9, the Broncos were 1-4 on the season. A bye week followed. Since then, Denver is 7-1. The Tebow phenomenon. In six of those seven wins, the Broncos were behind in the third quarter. To that point in each of those games, Tim Tebow had been next to horrible. He couldn’t throw well, especially out of the pocket, and his early-game running tended to resemble a player of a different sport trying something else for the afternoon.

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Blueprint for a Fantasy

Florida Gators vs. Tennessee Volunteers
Saturday 17 September 2011 | 3:30 pm EDT
Ben Hill Griffin Stadium | Gainesville, FL | CBS-TV 

Contemplating the Vols’ visit to Gainesville this Saturday made me think about the last visit to The Swamp. Many predicted the No.1 Gators would destroy Tennessee that day and give Lane Kiffin the spanking that he deserved.

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It’s Gator Time Again

By the way the GatorNation is carrying on, you’d think Florida was Virginia Tech. Hand-wringing seems to be the neurotic behavior du jour.

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Ingram Eeks It Out

In what was announced as the closest (28 total points / 5 first-place votes) contest ever for the most prestigious college football award, Mark Ingram of Alabama wins the 75th Heisman Trophy Award.

According to the ESPN story, here are the numbers:

  • Ingram: 1,304 total points • 227 first-place votes
  • Gerhart: 1,276 total points • 222 first-place votes
  • McCoy: 1,145 total points • 203 first-place votes

Ndamukong Suh was fourth; Tim Tebow finished fifth.

The previous closest vote in Heisman history came in 1985, when Auburn’s Bo Jackson beat Iowa quarterback Chuck Long by 45 points.

Mark Ingram, Alabama running back, accepts the 75th Heisman Trophy Award Saturday night in New York. Getty Images.

When Ingram’s name was announced, it was a very emotional moment, as it often times is. The tears flowed freely once Mark reached the podium. And when his first words came, the tears came more freely.

No matter how you felt about the outcome (and I’m clearly on the record that Stanford RB Toby Gerhart was the deserving winner, even though the VITF group tally went for Ingram), looking at Mark Ingram standing at the podium made you very happy for him. How could you not be?

But he composed himself and delivered a short, eloquent speech. He thanked people directly: family, school officials, coaches, teammates, trainers, and his fellow Heisman candidates. It meant a lot to him to be the first Alabama player to win the award. It meant a lot to him to be the newest member of the Heisman Family.

He briefly lifted the trophy, shook hands with the former award winners who were lined at the back of the small stage, and that was it.

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Mark Ingram squeaks past Toby Gerhart as VITF’s Heisman Selection

Once again I asked the collective braintrust at VITF to produce some more nonsense. This time, the query was to assess the proper recipient of this year’s Heisman Trophy.

Each of the VITF panel was asked to submit their top five, in order from 1st to 5th. A total of five ballots, including mine, were received. The votes were tallied by yours truly. Each first-pace vote was worth 5 points, second-place votes were worth 4 points, and so on. The table below is a summary of the number of votes for each position and the total tally of points.

Mark Ingram and Toby Gerhart each received the most first-place votes, two each, but Ingram received one more total point; Gerhart did not receive a vote on one of the five ballots received. C. J. Spiller and Ndamukong Suh came in third and fourth. Everybody else was way back, although Case Keenum who finished sixth received a first-place vote (his only vote).

Following the table are the individual ballot results along with some comments from each of the illustrious voters.

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The Crimson Tide Drown the Gators for the SEC Crown

Recap /   Box Score /  Play-by-Play /  Drive Chart

Your 2009 SEC Champions: The Alabama Crimson Tide. AP Photo

Alabama made 26 first downs to Florida’s 13, and converted 11 of 15 3rd-down conversions (11 of 15!) to Florida’s 4 of 11. The Tide’s rushing yardage swallowed the Gators’, 251 to 88 yards (63 of Florida’s 88 yards were Tebow’s). Alabama’s unheralded passing game equaled Florida’s touted Tebow-to-Company wrecking crew, 239 to 247 yards. And the Crimson Tide had possession of the ball twice as long as the Gators, 39:37 to 20:23.

Total domination.

This was simply Alabama’s best game of the season and Florida’s worst. By far on both accounts. But why?

Perhaps Tennessee Head Coach Lane Kiffin was correct when he humorously postulated earlier this week that both teams had great players but Alabama’s were better coached. Perhaps. Read More…

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