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Up Next: Alabama Crimson Tide

In Book II of Rhetoric, Aristotle presents the three means of persuasion : ethos (grounded in credibility), pathos (grounded in the emotions of the audience), and logos (grounded in patterns of reasoning). In this post, I’m going for the pathos, baby. So if a touch of sentimentality doesn’t grab you about the Third Fourth Saturday in October the way it does me, then wait for the next post. Otherwise, dive into this remix of Tommy James and the Shondells’ hit. It now goes like this:

crimson and orange_over and over

Crimson and orange, over and over…

Crimson and orange, over and over…

(repeat for a total of 91 times)

A matter of the heart.

For Vol fans, Tennessee-Florida is the rivalry of supremecy for the SEC East Division. Tennessee-Georgia is the newly-christened rivalry of supremecy in the recruiting battleground of Georgia. Tennessee-Kentucky is the age-old state-line rivalry that is called the Border Battle (104 games and counting) – by the way, I miss the Beer Barrel. And, Tennessee-Vanderbilt is that bitter in-state rivalry (103 games and counting).

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