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The greatest Duck ever

LaMichael James is leaving the Ducks for the bucks. The Oregon all-purpose running back is skipping his senior season for the NFL draft.

During his press conference on Friday, James indicated that he was told he will likely go in the third round. His relatively diminutive size (5′ 9″, 195 pounds) is the likely reason he will not be a first-rounder. But it is his speed combined with agility and a seemingly innate talent to break tackles that will bring a lucrative pay day.

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Traditionalists aside, this was great college football

Some people like their football in certain ways. Just like they like their grits, iced tea, and, well anything else that folks are particular about. Traditionalists, and there are many, eschew games like we saw today — the Rose Bowl and the Fiesta Bowl. Those same people are the ones who get downright giddy over a 9-to-6-in-overtime game of the century, and at the same time find absolutely no joy in the recent Alamo Bowl that featured 1,397 yards of total offense, 123 points scored, 17 touchdowns, and a newly-crowned Heisman Trophy winner. Two ends of a very long spectrum, no doubt. But it is hard to understand how college football fans could not be enamored with the drama of this evening’s double-header of New Years Day (plus one) bowl games.

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Double Vision

There is no debate about who are the best two teams in the land. And, there is no debate about who is the best college football player in the land.

Auburn vs South Carolina in Atlanta for the SEC Championship game, and Oregon vs Oregon State in The Civil War clash in Corvallis.

Read what happened, as it happened, as the Ducks and Tigers took their final step in anticipation of facing each other for glory.

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Is It Lesson Learned Yet?

Saturday’s whopping, record-breaking whupping to the Oregon Ducks can either be a lesson to learn from or a nuclear implosion. We all want it to be the former, and if it is, how long will it take to learn whatever it offers to teach?

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The Sound and the Fury

Oregon 48  Tennessee 13

11 Sep 2010 | Neyland Stadium | 102,035

Recap | Boxscore | Play-by-play | Drive Chart

With 8:53 left in the first quarter, a good old-fashioned late-summer thunderstorm unleashed its sound and fury. That was just after the Vols and their fans in a floodlit Neyland Stadium unleashed their own sound and fury to ruffle the Ducks’s feathers for a quick 6-0 lead. One hour and 10 minutes later, following a mandated safety break due to lightening, the sound and fury of Vol football in the house that a General built resumed in front of a full-throated Volunteer party that reached its apex with the Vols ahead 13-3 just after the first quarter break.

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Oregon vs Tennessee: It Feels Like Rain

Oregon vs. Tennessee | 11 Sep 2010 | Neyland Stadium

7:00pm EDT | ESPN2 and ESPN3.com

I’ve been looking forward to this one for some time, as I love intersectional games. One of the most exciting, dynamic football programs comes to Knoxville Saturday night as the defending Pac-10 champions, ranked #7 in the AP poll (#8 in the Coaches’ poll). This year’s starting squad brings 17 out of 22 back from last season. More than relying on just experience, the Ducks kill their prey with speed and physical play within a very disciplined construct on both sides of the ball, including special teams. They are simply very, very good in every facet of the game.
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The Business End of the Week Arrives for Ducks and Vols Alike

Last week, Oregon defeated New Mexico 72-0, and Tennessee defeated UT-Martin 50-0. That’s a combined 122-0. What do you say we combine teams and go to LA and whip the livin’ cheatin’ out of Southern Cal? We’d both like to do it for our own causes if you know what I’m talking about.

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