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Don’t Never Fight a Fat Man

On Monday night, Ben watched the Auburn-Oregon game at Luther’s lakefront house. As the confetti poured out of the indoor sky, Luther gave him a look, at which Ben responded, “You remember what my Daddy told me when I was in grade school, Luther?”

Ben, who weighs a hair under 300, smiled and replied, “I sure do, buddy.

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Stuck Inside of Nashville with the Baton Rouge Blues Again

North Carolina 30  Tennessee 27 (2 OT)
Music City Bowl | 30 Dec 2010 | LF Field (Nashville) | 69,143
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And here I sit so patiently
Waiting to find out what price
You have to pay to get out of
Going through all these things twice.

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More Like The Good Than The Bad

North Carolina vs. Tennessee | 30 Dec 2010 | LP Field

Music City Bowl – Nashville, TN | 5:40 pm CST | ESPN

On Wednesday, Teddy Karwacki suddenly realized that Tennessee was about to face North Carolina in Nashville the following day. That’s how strange bowl games can be to a fan – days on end that turn into weeks of inactivity, and then all of a sudden, shortly after Christmas, it’s game day. He thought he’d perhaps better set his alarm on his wristwatch just in case Thursday afternoon slipped by without a thought of turning on the television.

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Like Brothers

Ben and Luther took their Monday lunch like most Mondays, at the Cracker Barrel where the Cosby Highway meets I-40, just a couple of miles south of downtown Newport. The topic of conversation was pretty much what it always is, on Monday or any other day – Tennessee Vols football.

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