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Hunter and Bray Put Georgia State Away

Tennessee  51  Georgia State  13
8 September 2012 | Neyland Stadium | ATT: 87,821
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It was getting late in the second quarter and the natives were getting just a bit more than restless. The completely outmanned Georgia State Panthers were down only 14-6 in a game that should already have been decided. But Tennessee struck swiftly and decisively, just as they did last week against NC State. And then it was decided. Thoughts immediately turned to next Saturday.

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Vols in Ellipses: Post-Week One Edition

One of my favorite sportswriters the I read in the local papers in the Bay Area is fond of a certain format that is based on three dots used to represent not so much missing information in a sentence as a pause in thought – a transition to another thought or subject.

Hence the title of this post, unless you failed english grammar, or are too old to remember.

Off we go. …

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Tennessee-NC State Postscript

It’s funny how a single victory can turn around the entire vibe of a college program. But that is exactly what has happened with the Tennessee win Friday evening over NC State.

It is easier for that to happen with a season opener after a bad season rather than a late-season win after a few losses in the same season. A record of 1-0 with an impressive performance means that all things are possible. An upset victory getting your team to 3-5 means that you just might go bowling at the most.

The air is fresher, the grass a brighter green, the flowers more fragrant. It feels like a brand new world. That’s the first scenario.

Everything still stinks. That’s the second scenario.

Derek Dooley did his best to dampen runaway expectations on Friday night by saying that this win is just that – only a single win. A record of 1-0 doesn’t mean anything other than you are 1-0.

Nice try, coach.

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PR is now driving the DeAnthony Arnett bus

Tennessee’s best wide receiver not named Justin Hunter or Da’Rick Rogers wants out of Knoxville. DeAnthony Arnett, the Saginaw, Michigan native who just finished his freshman season with the Vols, is petitioning the court of public opinion to be released from his scholarship so that he can play in his native state of Michigan. Among other outlets, Mr. Arnett chose GoBlueWolverine the Magazine to write his public petition. His penned plea finished with the following…

Therefore as a student athlete I feel coach Dooley is trying to hinder my success by not allowing me to compete at a BCS level and neglecting the fact my father is severely ill.

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I Hate My Left Brain

Georgia Bulldogs vs. Tennessee Volunteers
Saturday 8 October 2011 | 7:00 pm EDT
Neyland Stadium | Knoxville, TN | ESPN2.

Georgia (3-2) on a 3-game win streak come a-callin’ for a game that is understatedly crucial for both sides.

This year’s edition of one of the more entertaining rivalries in the league is being billed as Georgia’s moment to secure SEC East favorite status. The Gators and Gamecocks have QB problems. Nobody is taking the Vols seriously. A win over Tennessee could be followed with Bulldog victories against Vandy, the Gators, Auburn, and Kentucky.

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Tyler Bray and the Vols Bury Buffalo

Tennessee 41  Buffalo 10
1 October 2011 | Neyland Stadium | ATT: 87,758
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Tennessee made quick work against a vastly outmatched Buffalo Bulls squad for an easy win on a sunny, breezy autumn afternoon at home, in front of an announced attendance that was below 90,000 for the first time in what must be decades. This was pretty much what was needed following the loss in Gainesville – a cupcake opponent after an off week.

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Vols Snuffed in the Swamp Again

Florida 33  Tennessee 23
17 September 2011 | Ben Hill Griffin Stadium | ATT: 90,744
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Tennessee couldn’t take advantage of Florida’s numerous penalties in Gainesville on Saturday, and couldn’t stop the speed of Chris Rainey, in the Vols’ 7th consecutive loss to the Gators. The difference in this year’s version of these two rival squads is greater than the final score spread.

It looked like more of the same from the horrors of the last few seasons against Florida.

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