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Taking Stock of Weeks 1 and 2

As we all brace ourselves for the trip to the Swamp this Saturday, let’s have a no-frills look at the separate components of the Vol performances during the first two games. Read More…


No One Is Bigger Than The Orange Jersey

Imagine this…

Consider for a moment that you are Derek Dooley.

You inherited a program that was low on talent (at least relative to our history). But you had at least one true star- Janzen Jackson.

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Stuck Inside of Nashville with the Baton Rouge Blues Again

North Carolina 30  Tennessee 27 (2 OT)
Music City Bowl | 30 Dec 2010 | LF Field (Nashville) | 69,143
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And here I sit so patiently
Waiting to find out what price
You have to pay to get out of
Going through all these things twice.

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The Lucky One – Part 2

Carlton was finishing up his medical school residency in Philadelphia, after graduating from the Temple University school of medicine, when he met Reggie White.

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Marinating 25 with 517 for your Thanksgiving Feast

Here we are once again, in anticipation of facing a long-standing adversary who would like a win more than oxygen to live. The Kentucky Wildcats desperately want to erase a slate currently littered with embarrassing numbers. We had better be ready and equipped with our A-game.

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It’s a Good Thing We Played Vandy

Tennessee 24  Vanderbilt 10

20 Nov 2010 | Vanderbilt Stadium | 37,017

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I’m going to resist temptation and not get hopping mad. We won, even though we played a horrible second half. It wasn’t pretty, and at times it was pure infuriation. But, we won.

I suppose it is a sign of improvement when we can get upset with how we play when we win – we’ve moved on from just hoping for a win against anybody. But it was troubling nonetheless.

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