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The Kiff that Keeps On Giving

Cam Newton got a pass because the NCAA’s investigation indicated that he was not aware of his father’s pay-for-play scheme. And, because there was no link to Auburn either, they were allowed to win the SEC and national championships on the field. There was, of course, rampant speculation and all kinds of correlations leading to causation, implicating Cam and his father and Auburn and Mississippi State and the SEC and the NCAA and, well, why not throw in Mubarak?

It was only a matter of time before Lane Kiffin’s name surfaced with all of this.

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Don’t Never Fight a Fat Man

On Monday night, Ben watched the Auburn-Oregon game at Luther’s lakefront house. As the confetti poured out of the indoor sky, Luther gave him a look, at which Ben responded, “You remember what my Daddy told me when I was in grade school, Luther?”

Ben, who weighs a hair under 300, smiled and replied, “I sure do, buddy.

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Auburn: A Not So Silver Lining?

On Sunday morning, Steven Sully was in Portland reading an online article posted by Ben Bartley, who wrote about what Auburn and Auburn football means to him as a recent graduate. The near-term possibilities for the Vols unfolded right on Steve’s iPad in the form of the stunning progress of the Auburn Tigers.

On that same Sunday morning, some 3,000 miles away in Knoxville, Teddy Karwacki read a much different take of the progress of Auburn’s football program over the past few years.

In nearby Chattanooga, Carlton Wilson was about to read the study that was the basis of Teddy’s reading. He was downtrodden about the seemingly never-ending trend.

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The Pretenders

Teddy Karwacki had just sat down in one of those comfy chairs at Remedy Coffee in The Old City district of downtown Knoxville early Sunday afternoon when he saw Mortimer Weinstein walk in. Teddy knew what was waiting as soon as Mort had gotten his mid-afternoon latte. “I suppose you want to give me a verbal dissertation about last night’s Heisman Trophy presentation?” Teddy said it loud enough over the music so that Mort could hear.

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Double Vision

There is no debate about who are the best two teams in the land. And, there is no debate about who is the best college football player in the land.

Auburn vs South Carolina in Atlanta for the SEC Championship game, and Oregon vs Oregon State in The Civil War clash in Corvallis.

Read what happened, as it happened, as the Ducks and Tigers took their final step in anticipation of facing each other for glory.

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Cam Newton: Oh, the Humanity!

The knashing of teeth is audible to a level that will drive the most sound-sensitive folk absolutely crazy.

The curious case of Cam Newton is reaching a zenith of self-righteousness on the eve of the SEC championship game Saturday in Atlanta where Newton will lead Auburn against the upstart Gamecocks of South Carolina.

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