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Pants on Fire

The NCAA slipped the invoice under Tennessee’s door on Wednesday. Then, the university released it to the world for viewing, minus a few redactions. More on that later.

First, the timeline. Tennessee has 90 days to respond to NCAA’s 26-page Notice of Allegations regarding the Vol football and men’s basketball programs. The university will then make an appearance before the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions in Indianapolis, anticipated to be June 10 and 11. A convenient time – long after the basketball season has finished and long enough before kickoff in September.

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Cam Newton: Oh, the Humanity!

The knashing of teeth is audible to a level that will drive the most sound-sensitive folk absolutely crazy.

The curious case of Cam Newton is reaching a zenith of self-righteousness on the eve of the SEC championship game Saturday in Atlanta where Newton will lead Auburn against the upstart Gamecocks of South Carolina.

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