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Rough Cut

Tennessee 50  Memphis 14

06 Nov 2010 | Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium | 39,742

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One of the most fascinating art exhibits I’ve seen included several unfinished sculptures of Michelangelo in Florence. It’s one thing to see the finished product, but it’s quite another experience to see a piece of marble that has been only partially cut – one from which the human form is partially poking through the rawness of the native rock, showing the immense but still unrealized potential of the raw cut. It leaves one contemplating the possibilities.

Call me a dreamer, but that was the image that came to mind as the first half was coming to an end Saturday night in Memphis.

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Reading the Signs

Memphis vs. Tennessee | 6 Nov 2010 | Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium

8:00 pm EDT | CBS College Sports Network

Tennessee has a new starting quarterback. The Vols will sport a different punt returner. A new center is a likelihood, too. [UPDATE: and a new CB since Art Evans missed practices and has been informed of the meaning of “Exit-stage left”] These are some of the remedies unveiled by Head Coach Derek Dooley this week leading into the Memphis game.

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Hello Memphis

Memphis. It’s different.

Having lived in New Orleans in a former life, I know what it’s like to be part of a community that feels separate from the state in which it is located. New Orleanians are New Orleanians first, and residents of Louisiana second (or perhaps last). I’ve always had a feeling that Memphis is no different.

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Putting Memphis to Bed

Tennessee LogoMemphis M Logo

Before we move on to the work of the week, let’s put this week behind us by tucking the Memphis Tigers in bed. Here’s a few thoughts too important to forget. Read More…

Vols Mug Memphis Early for a 56-28 Win

Tenn-Mem Scoreboard

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Memphis must have read my pre-game post, because they obviously expected what I thought Tennessee would do – run baby run. I’m glad I have found a role to help the Vols – I play the red herring – for Memphis stacked the box much of the first half waiting for Montario Hardesty to run.

Instead, Tennessee went aerial and bombarded the Tigers for 300 passing yards in the first half alone on their way to a convincing Homecoming victory, setting them up for the critical final stretch run.

This is an aggressive coaching staff and the aggressiveness paid big dividends tonight. Memphis played the run and paid the price.

Just use the tip jar on your way out. Blog Master Fred appreciates your support.

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Breakfast Before Memphis

Country breakfast

Vol Fuel

Everybody needs some nourishment before they embark on their game-day experience. Up early, get the paper, cup of coffee, check the weather, gauge the proper clothing for Neyland at Night, and pack the car (after attaching the travel flags). Now you’re ready for your favorite meal of the week – that Saturday Breakfast before the weekly Vols game. So, wherever you eat this morning, here are some extra helpings from around the Vol Nation and elsewhere to fuel you for the upcoming clash between East and West Tennessee.

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Memphis in the Meantime


It’s been quite a stretch of games. Auburn. Georgia. Alabama. South Carolina. Now it’s on to Ole Miss.

Aw, crap. I forgot. “Hey honey, do we really have to host this get together this weekend at our house? You know I’ve never even talked with my cousin from Memphis. I don’t even know him that well. And I don’t think I really want to. All he wants to talk about is basketball. For chrissake, it’s football season!”

“Dear, you knew we made this commitment weeks ago . It’s been on our calendar.”

“I know, I know. But can’t we say we caught the H1N1 or the R2D2 or whatever they call that pig flu?”

Do you feel the same? Hasn’t it felt like a bye week? Don’t you really wish you could do something else this Saturday? (I am, but I’m not telling anybody)…

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