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For reasons that would only bore you, I go by a nom de plume. But what is worth knowing is that I love football. Thus, this site is about football, all kinds of football in fact — mostly college football, but from time to time a little bit about professional football, high school football, and even ‘proper football’ as the English call soccer. But Vols in the Fall is especially about Tennessee Vols football, because that is the tap-root of my personal relationship with all of football.

A native Tennessean and graduate of the University of Tennessee, I now live with my beautiful wife in lovely Northern California. As much as I enjoy living there, I am often relegated to dreaming about good times in Neyland Stadium when it comes to football. If you have had the good fortune of sharing an autumn saturday afternoon or evening with over a hundred thousand other folks within that grand structure, you know what I mean.

And since I have a severe, unexplainable affliction of writing, chronicling my views on football seems the natural thing to do. And so it goes. And here it is.

Some of it is pretty good, some of it not so good, and the rest is up to you.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you come back again, and often.

— Norcalvol


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