Is today’s bowl game an important game to win?

Tennessee Volunteers vs Iowa Hawkeyes

2015 Gator Bowl | Jacksonville, FL | 3:20pm EST


Bowl games are exhibitions. But a win for the Vols today would mean a winning season, the first in what seems like forever. And that is very important… for recruiting, for the brand, for moving on to the 2015 season which in my mind will be a crucial season for the program.

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It is very hard to get a read on this game because of several things, mostly the vast number of days it has been since either Iowa or Tennessee have played a football game.

On paper, especially because of their experience level, this game goes to Iowa.


But I think the X-factor goes to Tennessee. The Vols are building with unbridled enthusiasm. And that can overcome a lot of things. The Hawkeyes on the other hand are finishing what has been a very disappointing season – Iowa was a pre-season favorite to end up in the Big 10 Championship Game, which they didn’t get close to.

What directions two teams seem to be going when they play each other can have a large influence on the outcome.

Additionally, there is this important tidbit to consider: the Vols will be wearing their orange jerseys.

And, this is the 50th bowl appearance for the Tennessee Volunteers.

Put it in the bank: Tennessee 27 Iowa 24

Go Vols! 


10 responses to “Is today’s bowl game an important game to win?”

  1. bert says :

    It’s also left to UT to salvage some SEC respect after the ass-whuppin’
    they’ve taken recently. Beating Iowa would even the bowl games between
    the SEC and Big 10 at 2-2.

    I like the way you think, Fred….

    UT 34
    Iowa 27

  2. rockytop78 says :

    Alabama was also supposed to beat The Ohio State University, on paper — and look what happened. (As time goes on, I think less and less of Kirby Smart as a defensive coordinator; but that’s for another forum.)

    Against my better instincts (but not against hope), I think that UT prevails:

    Tennessee 31

    Iowa 28

    On the subject of the importance of this game for recruiting, I’ve noticed where UT has lost a few “commitments” but recently picked up a JUCO DB (described as having lots of “raw talent”) who was going to LSU before the Chief decamped for Texas A&M. Do you feel comfortable or uncomfortable with where our recruiting appears to be at this point in time?

    • Fred says :

      I view college football recruits like baseball prospects — they are prospects only. Prospects/recruits are the lifeblood of any program, but we really know nothing.
      Kids are just as fickle as fans in that they will turn direction on a dime. So I really don’t know how to judge our recruiting. I do think that it is crucial for us to mix in JUCOs — I’ve always been a fan of this as a way to provide balance of age/experience where it is needed.

  3. rockytop78 says :

    Happy New Year, by the way!

  4. Larry The Deuce says :

    I love how the game is going.

  5. Sandy says :

    Happy New Year… And a great first half!

  6. TK says :

    I feel very confident with Tennessees sucess in this bowl game. I think the team and coaches are looking to the future and have their heads in this. Ill pick Tennessee in this one. UT 45 Iowa 28.

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