What have the Vols’ opponents done this season?


  • Utah State (9-4)
  • Arkansas State (7-5)
  • Chattanooga (9-3) FCS Div I-AA Southern Conf. Winner
  • South Carolina (6-6)
  • Kentucky (5-7)
  • Vanderbilt (3-9)


  • #18 Oklahoma (8-3) Plays 5-6 Oklahoma State Saturday
  • #15 Georgia (9-3)
  • Florida (6-5)
  • #13 Mississippi (9-3)
  • #1 Alabama (11-1) SEC West Champs
  • #14 Missouri (10-2) SEC East Champs

AP rankings are shown.


One response to “What have the Vols’ opponents done this season?”

  1. rockytop78 says :

    The only loss I feel bad about (as in ashamed of) is the one to the Gators; not only do we have to put up with another year’s worth of crap from their fanbase, but we had to put up with more puerile post-game commentary by Muschamp, and unfortunately we cannot stick it to him as a head coach. (Although we may not have seen the last of him in the SEC — I see where both Texas A&M and Auburn have fired their respective defensive coordinators, and I think that Muschamp will not be unemployed for too much longer, either at TAMU or Auburn, or elsewhere.)

    Otherwise, there is nothing to hang our heads about with any of the losses.

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