What would you do with a rotten tomato?

Alabama at Tennessee

Saturday October 25, 2014 | Knoxville, TN | 7:30 EST

Just another Top 5 opponent for the 2014 Tennessee Vols who appear to be on life support.

This time it’s bitter rival Alabama who comes to Knoxville for a tilt under the lights. Alabama has beaten the Vols by at least 30 points each of the last four meetings. After Saturday, that streak is likely to grow to five.

As good as the Vols defense is, it eventually wears down under the weight of a totally inept offense, led by a young offensive line, now beat up with injuries, that has allowed an SEC-worst 30 sacks.

The next worst in the conference has surrendered 16.

They are so beat up that fifth-year senior Jacob Gilliam has had to play. With a torn ACL.

There has been a lot of talk about Josh Dobbs this week. Should his red shirt be burned?

First, I don’t know how good Josh Dobbs really is. He didn’t show well in his games he played in last season, and reports indicate that he lags behind Nathan Peterman in practice week after week.

That’s where we are. As one Knoxville radio host said this week, Tennessee’s offense is in a state of triage.

This week, we have even less hope than last week, when we had very little.

So that makes the return of a former Tennessee head coach to Knoxville this Saturday the main focus of this great rivalry. That’s what we’ve sunk to.

That single year (2009) Lane Kiffin was the head coach, the Vols went 7-6, the last winning season by the orange. They went 4-4 in conference play, a record that now would cause parties to spontaneously break out throughout the Volunteer State. Since riots broke out after Kiffin, wearing jeans and a T-shirt, announced he was leaving Tennessee for the West Coast, the Vols have beaten one ranked team and reached one bowl game.

I’m no Lane Kiffin fan. But if I had a rotten tomato, I wouldn’t throw it at Lane Kiffin just to make myself feel good. I would instead extract its seeds and plant them, nurture their growth, and make sure they grow to be giant plants that will bear fruit to nourish the masses for many years to come.

Vols football on-field performance hasn’t quite reached the bottom. We are soon going to be worse in terms of W’s and L’s than any of the Derek Dooley teams — not only will we not go to a bowl game, but we will most likely set the school record for the most losses in a season.

Then things will improve.

But not now.

Alabama 34 Tennessee 0

p.s., note that my metaphor used tomatoes, not bamboo.



7 responses to “What would you do with a rotten tomato?”

  1. rockytop78 says :

    “[W]e will most likely set the school record for the most losses in a season.” I think that UT and The Ohio State University are the only teams (D-I, at least) that have not lost 8 games in a regular season. (Michigan was there also, until Rich Rod worked his magic in Ann Arbor.) Hopefully, it won’t come to that yet.

    I am very proud of the Big Orange for giving their all for Tennessee every day, even when a beatdown of epic proportions is imminent. It’s going to be a long and ugly day in Neyland Stadium on Saturday: Bama 42, Tennessee 3.

  2. Bert says :

    i, like rockytop78, am proud of the effort and excited for the future…they’re
    payin’ their dues this year and will be better in the years to come….

    vols defense is better than A&M’s…but not by much….

    bama 52
    vols zippy!!!

  3. Rick says :

    I don’t think we are going to lose 8 games. Although, 5-7 is not much better. It seems to me that we will only start improving after Butch gets more of his own players into the program. I don’t like to talk about players who are wearing orange, but the people Dooley brought in are just not able to compete in this conference.

    I believe if Kiffin had stayed we would have better teams. We might not be bowl eligible, but we aren’t going to bowls anyway.

  4. Fred says :

    Agree with you all…
    The one thing that makes all of this bearable (and watchable) is the effort that the boys give every single week, every single series.

    As fans, we all gotta hang in there.

  5. ssmart55 says :

    OK.. I’ve got a different take.

    Feeding off the energy from the crowd, the defense is strong and it’s a low scoring first half. The Vols make a big play early in the second have to take a lead and the Vol Nation’s hopes are high. But the offense can’t stay on the field, the defense wears down, and the Tide grinds out a couple of touchdowns to win 24-10.

  6. TK says :

    Simply put…. crimson 45-vols 10. And no scores by the offense. Medley 4 points, Sutton 6 points. And go Giants if you are forced to switch to the World Serious. Yes, serious! Scores brought to you courtesy the Western Union. Circa late 60’s.

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