Could I have written this post four years ago?

Tennessee at Ole Miss

Saturday October 18, 2014 | Oxford, Mississippi | 6:00 pm Central | ESPN

Tennessee begins the second half of its season on the road, in the state that has become the focus of college football. Halfway through the season, the Vols have half the number of wins needed for consideration as a post-season participant. But the second half of the 2014 campaign promises to be a difficult road.

First stop is Oxford and Ole Miss, the undefeated slayers of Alabama and Texas A&M and ranked #3 in the country.

Freshmen offensive linemen, meet the Mississippi Front Seven.

The Ole Miss defense is the jewel of the 2014 Rebs. It is the highest-rated defensive unit in the SEC and top-five nationally. Primarily, it excels when a team tries to run laterally around the end or throws one of those lateral bubble screens.

Here are some numbers describing the Mississippi defense…

  • 6 TDs allowed through 6 games.
  • 4 scores of its own.
  • Allow 4.31 yards per play (fifth nationally).
  • A “havoc rate” of 19.4 percent, an advanced metric describing the havoc it creates by including tackles for loss (including sacks), forced fumbles and passes defended (interceptions and break-ups), all divided by total plays. That’s right – they creat havoc on nearly one out of five plays they defend.

I’ll bet the Vol OL and QB haven’t had much sleep so far this week, because they probably are painfully aware of these numbers…

23 – the number of sacks Tennessee has allowed this season.

48 – the number of tackles for loss Tennessee has allowed this season.

Football, like many other team sports, is a game of matchups, which in this upcoming game don’t look good unless you like your football played in blue, red, and gray in front of truckloads of drunk fans under the lights in a small, Southern town.

Mississippi 31 Tennessee 7

These posts are getting old, because I feel like I’ve been writing the same one for the last 4+ years.


3 responses to “Could I have written this post four years ago?”

  1. Bert says :

    this week is very daunting…a fired-up team on a roll with it’s highest ranking
    since 1964…

    but, i continue to like what i see from the vols….they don’t win but they

    ole miss 34
    vols 20

  2. ssmart55 says :

    We can only hope that the Reb’s take the Vols litely. I’m afraid the offense is going to struggle, but the defense holds their own.

    Ole Miss – 28
    Tennessee – 10

  3. TK says :

    Well here we go….the front defensive seven of Ole Miss are monsters… monsters. I think the Vols will luck out to a degree and pull out a not too lopsided loss. Rebs 32-Vols 19.

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