Is Saturday’s game an all or nothing affair for you?

Ah, yes… the topic of moral victories.

If you are a Vol fan, you may have had enough of this topic, enough of this kind of result. And, if you are a Vol hater, you probably wish that Tennessee gets more and more of them.


As discussed in the previous post, the importance of this game is immense, and arguably even more important for Florida than for Tennessee. So that brings us to the question of the moment — for the VolNation, will a win over the hated Gators be the only acceptable result? Have we had enough of bringing the fight to the opponent for a full 60 minutes with nothing other than an “L” to show for it all?

Well, the national media weighed in heavily on Saturday’s rivalry game. They relegated it to basically a third tier game — a 12:00 pm start on the SEC Network.

Over at,  former Tennessee running back Jabari Davis had his say about it…

When I saw that the time was a noon game, that’s just disrespectful because it’s basically like, ‘You guys hurry up and play, get your game over with, and all the big-money games will be playing at 3:30 and at night time. I felt like it was kind of a slap in the face.

But perhaps former Vol WR Jason Swain said it best…

For the players in this game, it doesn’t really matter what time it is. The game could be at midnight, it could be at six in the morning, it can be in a parking lot, it doesn’t matter; it’s Florida-Tennessee. Let’s rumble. Let’s do it.

And that is all that matters. It is US versus THEM.

So back to the topic at hand…

I have reached the point where, for me at least, Saturday’s game is truly an all-or-nothing affair. If Tennessee doesn’t win and break this dreadful streak against Florida — especially when by all accounts the Gators are ripe for the taking, and we are supposedly laying foundation bricks — I will harbor no amount of satisfaction, even if we (again) play our asses off, with a loss of any kind.

I’m tired and I want all of the losing to all of the schools that matter to stop. And I want it to stop now.

It really needs to stop now.

So, to optimistically think that I will retain my enthusiasm beyond this weekend, my prediction is…

Tennessee 34 Florida 26

[…and, yes, I really do think that Tennessee gets the W, because Worley and our stellar WRs will fully exploit the Gators’ weak secondary as our QB will stay healthy the whole game (somehow our OL will protect him from a front 7 that will try to dismember him…]

So, what is your prediction?



7 responses to “Is Saturday’s game an all or nothing affair for you?”

  1. Bert says :

    agree 100%…vols trending up, gators down….it would be
    somewhat devastating to not bring this one home….

    Vols 31 Gators 21

  2. Rick says :

    I agree that they need to start winning these games. They need to find that sixth victory, and this is a great opportunity.

  3. TK says :

    I’m sorry people. I totally agree with what you are saying but of course just saying it doesn’t make it happen. This game drastically needs to be an Orange victory……..but I still think we are a year away…..Volunteers 30-Alligators 33

  4. ssmart55 says :

    Agree that this is the year the Vols have to win… a loss would be a major setback. A Vol win does put another nail in Will’s coffin.

    Vols – 38
    Gators – 21

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