Can the Bulldogs implode?


Sanford Stadium | Athens | Saturday 27 September 2014 | 12:00pm EDT


It’s a fair question because I see it as the only way the Vols come out of Athens on Saturday with a win.

sad-face-bulldogIf Georgia gets pass happy, then that is what I would dump in the category of implosion. The Dawgs best strategy would be to run and run and keep on running (regardless of early game results) in order to eventually wear down a Tennessee defense that will fight to the very death as they showed in Norman two weeks ago. That’s what Georgia does best. Anything else would be foolish.

But we’ve seen the Bulldogs do foolish things in the past in this rivalry that has had an unpredictable nature to it. We’ve seen some pretty sad puppy faces as a result. I don’t see it this year.

Georgia 34  Tennessee 21

How do you see Saturday’s contest?


7 responses to “Can the Bulldogs implode?”

  1. ssmart55 says :

    Last year’s Vols played a competitive game against a top-10 opponent (Georgia) and in their next big game pulled off the unexpected upset (South Carolina).

    I’m going out on a limb and say history repeats itself.

    Vols 28 – Dawgs 24

  2. Mike says :

    Butch Jones said that the Vols were in the habit of losing and had to learn to win. I think Vol fans are used to losing as well. We assume that any team with a winning history will beat our Vols. It’s time for fans to lift their heads and have some confidence. When Johnny Majors was the coach, no matter who we faced, we KNEW we had a good chance to win. We BELIEVED we could beat any team. The Fulmer latter years and the Kiffin/Dooley years were unforgivably preventable self-inflicted self-sabotage for a great and storied program. It became fashionable for fickle fair-weather Vol fans to dump on their team. I’ve always flown my colors whether we win, lose, or die. That’s what REAL fans do. I’m tired of negative posts and negative articles from supposed Vol blogs. If you don’t love Tennessee, then get the hell out of here. Go root for Vandy (tell me how that works out for ya). The young team that went into Norman, Oklahoma a couple of weeks ago played their hearts out. They NEVER gave up. A little more experience and a couple of lucky breaks (and minus a bad call or two) and The Volunteers could have realistically walked out with a victory over the number 4 team in America. If you are a true Vol fan, you cannot consider team 118 an underdog in any game they play this season (YES, by god, even Bama), and especially not against Georgia. Maybe on paper it says that UGA should win, but my heart says that not only will we win this week, but next week as well. We will win the East. We will win the SEC title. Then all you cowardly closet vol fans can go into the attic and drag out all your old orange gear and climb back up on the bandwagon. I’ll be waiting here for you. I’ve been here all along. GO VOLS!!!! GO BIG ORANGE!!! Live it. Love it. OR get the hell out of our sight!

    • Fred says :

      Flying the orange flag is fantastic. But don’t mix it with insults, to me or anyone else on this forum, just because you have a difference of opinion.

  3. TK says :

    Well a man can be a full blooded Vol, yet he can still be realistic . If it’s obvious the opponent is more fully loaded than the Vols just be realistic. And. In my opinion the comments about bad calls is a fan looking for excuses…..but enough of that. I agree that on any given Saturday that things can happen, I just don’t believe that it’s this Saturday. Bulldogs 34-Volunteers 17. And that doesn’t mean I’m not hoping.

  4. bert says :

    i agree with your sentiments, Fred…no need to insult anyone unless donald posts another dumbass comment….

    i also agree that if Georgia has to rely on Hutson Mason the Vols will beat the

    however, i don’t see that happening but i do see Justin Worley moving the pocket to get time to throw and, with the Georgia secondary being horrible,
    the vols make it close…

    Georgia 31 UT 27

  5. TK says :

    donald and scoggins are in the land of Oz and have no idea football is being played

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