Should Tennessee be playing Appalachian State?

It was reported today that Appalachian State will be coming to Knoxville to play the Vols on September 3, 2016.

This is a topic that we here at VITF have discussed before multiple times: Tennessee’s non-conference foes. I have always been against Div I schools playing lower division opponents (OK, we’re now talking FBS and FCS). And I’m sure most Michigan fans would agree with me.

So, normally, I would not be happy with this recently announced schedule addition.

But now it’s OK with me, because in 2013, the football Mountaineers began a 2-year transition to the FBS, with FBS bowl eligibility beginning in 2015. What a way for Appalachian State to begin the second season of their new status as a member of the top echelon — with a trip to Knoxville and a big huge pile of cash as a reward.

And, being a former ASU student myself (just a year before moving up to the big time), I’m thrilled that the folks in Boone will be making the trip over the Smokies.

Maybe the UTAD should legalize pot for the away section on that game day just to make the Appy crazies feel at home!

But I digress… What do you think?


4 responses to “Should Tennessee be playing Appalachian State?”

  1. bert says :

    as long as they are FBS by game time then it’s okay….but, they
    are a frightening opponent…just ask the 2007 Michigan team….

  2. rockytop78 says :

    I have a lot of respect for the Appy State football program; and they will have to be better than Western Kentucky, who we played a few years ago after they made the transition to FBS/D-I status (granted, they weren’t coached by Bobby Petrino at that time either).

    I think that it could be another game like Utah State or Arkansas State — one we are likely to win, but one which we can’t overlook, either.

  3. TK says :

    I definitely am against playing lower division schools. As long as ASU is a top division school I dont mind though, which they should be by then. And these trips for the money…….Im so tired of everything being for the freaking money!!!!! Also personally Id rather the Vols play some more quality opponents, Id rather lose to say West Virginia and Texas as to beat Aardvark State and Western Southwestern University.

  4. bert says :

    that 2013 Western Kentucky team that UT beat 52-20 was coached by Petrino…i remember thinkin’ it would be a very difficult game only
    because Petrino was their coach….

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