Want some reading material while waiting for Saturday night’s kickoff?

Tennessee vs Oklahoma 1939 Orange Bowl Program CoverIt was January 1939. The world was crawling back from an economic depression and also headed toward war. Meanwhile, a fledgling college football bowl (only its fifth) was trying to make its mark on the nation’s consciousness and compete with the big bowls such as the Rose. The Orange Bowl succeeded because of the Tennessee-Oklahoma clash in 1939. It was a classic, rough and tumble affair involving two of the nation’s unbeaten teams.

Here are links to three accounts of that famous bowl game, won by the Vols 17-0 and making “Tennessee Vols” a national brand of great college football.

A recent article from Outkick the Coverage.

A detailed game summary from SoonerStats.

A Pittsburgh newspaper article from AP.



One response to “Want some reading material while waiting for Saturday night’s kickoff?”

  1. rockytop78 says :

    Nice reading from SoonerStats and Outkick the Coverage.

    Maybe we’ll see some of those glory days come back in the near future!

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