How do you see the likely result of Saturday’s primetime game?

Tennessee at (4)Oklahoma

Saturday September 13, 2014  8:00 pm EDT  ABC

In the mind of Bob Stoops, this game is all about his conference vs the SEC. In the mind of Butch Jones, this game is one more opportunity to showcase the improvement of his program to a primetime national audience and add another brick to the foundation he is building in Knoxville.

sooner_schoonerOklahoma’s balanced, powerful offense has outscored their first two opponents 62-3 in the opening 30 minutes. Tennessee’s opponents are only 7-for-31 on third-down situations, a marked improvement over last season’s underwhelming defense. On the other side of the ball, the Sooners have allowed only 74 rushing yards a game with 4 INTs added for good measure. Tennessee’s attack is fueled by the passing game as the rushing attack appears languid against mediocre competition. Unfortunately, injuries to WR Von Pearson and TE Ethan Wolf create a challenge for the Vols’ most productive portion of their offense.

So, the bottom line is that I may be leaving my couch just a tad early for Saturday dinner out as my prediction is Oklahoma 47 Tennessee 14.

Look for Stoops to run up the score. Then it will be our turn to have a burr up the butt to carry forward when Oklahoma comes to Knoxville next season.

What say you?

p.s., After this game, you will better understand why our opponents hate “Rocky Top.” Oklahoma’s “Boomer Sooner” is as obnoxious as a fight song can get.


7 responses to “How do you see the likely result of Saturday’s primetime game?”

  1. Bert says :

    stoops 77 ut 14

  2. rockytop78 says :

    If Bob Stoops thinks that he will make a statement about Oklahoma vs. The SEC with Tennessee as an opponent, he is sadly mistaken (unless that statement is, I sure can whip up on mediocre teams). It pains me to write it, but here it is:

    Oklahoma 56
    Tennessee 13

  3. Rick says :

    I don’t believe Oklahoma will get into the 50s. Let’s go with 45-17.

  4. Tk says :

    Well it looks like I’m in good company here….and I don’t believe I predicted a bigger spread since Vols in the Fall has been in operation”……….
    Vols-10 Sooners-51
    Why did I decide to go to this Fred?

  5. TK says :

    weve always got em covered freddy………..just wish our bets were

  6. Brscoggins says :

    Not very good unless we can jump out ahead and make then play from behind

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