Are you afraid of stripes?

The University of Oklahoma is asking its fans attending Saturday evening’s game against Tennessee in Norman to wear red if they are sitting in certain sections or wear white if they are sitting in adjacent sections.

This request is dubbed an OU tradition known as “Stripe the Stadium.” Here is the instruction chart…

Oklahoma Stipe the Stadium Instructions

Some consider this a “must win” for the Sooners in their 2014 campaign.

Frankly, I’m deeply honored that the OU football program is taking the Vols so seriously. [Have they seen our offensive line? special teams?]

Will this make any difference to the gargantuan point spread that is likely to be realized by an Oklahoma squad that is stacked to the hilt with talent?

What say you?


6 responses to “Are you afraid of stripes?”

  1. bert says :

    i am shocked that the line opened at a mere 20.5….i’ll be takin’ the sooners and givin’ the points in my pool….

    my feeling is this is more about Oklahoma beating another SEC school which
    will let Big Game Bob pop off about SEC propaganda and how, in his opinion,the conference is overrated…

  2. Rick says :

    There will be a corner of orange to mess up the pattern. I’ll be in it doing all I can.

  3. TK says :

    Im going and my section is white. Ill wear white but it will be Tennessee white!

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