Do you fear that Butch Jones could bolt for another job?

This question is prompted by a comment I heard about, and the specific worry is that Butch might be lured back to his home state of Michigan.

The Wolverines football program has fallen to sub-standard, and their head coach might be shown the door by season’s end.

Could the powers in Ann Arbor come knocking for a certain head coach in Knoxville?

Well, perhaps they could. But to fully flush this out, you would be talking about a contract renegotiation/extension/buyout clause change as a way to protect what we have. And that prompts the next questions: What do we have? And is what we have worth a potential elaborate increase in an already lucrative contract?

Those ‘next questions’ are objectively premature, but I think all signs point to ‘we got the real deal now’.

And just like the case of Jon Gruden, why would Butch Jones even want to go to the University of Michigan? Yes, Michigan is his home state, but he didn’t attend/play for the University.

All such talk at this stage of the game is complete hooey. It is prompted by a nervous fan base that got spurned by Kiffin’s one-and-done (which in the opinion of many has turned out to be a GOOD thing).

Or, to be more accurate, if the VolNation has nothing to worry about, they will create something to worry about. Nothing new here.

What say you?


7 responses to “Do you fear that Butch Jones could bolt for another job?”

  1. Larry The Deuce says :

    I find it doubtful they would go the Rich Rod type direction again.

  2. rockytop78 says :

    NO!!! Dear God, NO!

    It is a little premature, of course; and if Michigan gets its s*** together and beats Ohio State at the end of the season (and The Ohio State University has shown that it can be beaten, after being roughed up by Virginia Tech), then Brady Hoke should stay on with the Wolverines.

    But this scenario gives me a good reason to pull for The Victors Valiant and The Champions of the West for the rest of this season.

    And, one of the reasons that Kiffin left for his “dream” job was because Mike Hamilton gave him a contract that did not penalize Kiffin at all in the event that he left early and bolted for, say, a school in Southern California. I’m sure that Dave Hart would never offer such a lame excuse for a contract to Butch Jones (or anybody else, for that matter).

    So, I’m now starting to come down off the ceiling . . . .

    • Fred says :

      Hahahahaha. I didn’t think I’d spook you! And, I hadn’t thought of a good reason for rooting for Michigan for the remainder of the season.

  3. Rick says :

    I don’t think Butch has done enough to make Michigan want him. Of course, the same could be said for Kiffin and USC. I think Michigan would go after Les Miles before moving on to others.

  4. TK says :

    Funny that you brought this up. I was just thinking… is this the coach that someone actually might want. Certainly wasnt Dooley and no one really thought that Kiffens resume showed that he would be pursued……..and before that for reasons I could never understand no one came knocking at the AD’s door asking for permisssion to talk to Fulmer……………so I thought maybe Jones might be the coach someone would want to take away from us. And Fred I remember the days when you had no problem at all pulling for those Wolverines!

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