What is your prediction for Saturday’s game?

Something tells me that this will be a more difficult game for the Vols than last week’s opener. Why? For starters, it will be a bit of a short week (Sunday night game followed by a Saturday noon game). Plus, the noon game time is not a trivial thing to dismiss as a factor — it takes a while for the body clock to get set to be able to get totally ready, physically and mentally, for a game that is basically beginning on a Saturday morning. [Of course, this may be worse for our opponent since they have to travel, too.]

And, the crowd on a Saturday morning/afternoon will not be as rowdy as it was on a holiday-weekend Sunday night.

But there is also the opponent… Our defense will have more challenges with Arkansas State’s up-tempo offense. And, I think Arkansas State could handle Utah State (and they will get their chance on Saturday September 20 in Jonesboro, Arkansas).

So there you go… my crystal ball says Tennessee 31 Arkansas State 20.

What say you?


5 responses to “What is your prediction for Saturday’s game?”

  1. Bert says :

    i think the vols continue the positive vibes on both sides of the ball:

    vols 35 ark state 14

  2. Tk says :

    I’m very impressed with Bert for making his prediction at 4:09 AM!!! Maybe he started working on it the night before and it took him that long?? But for me I’m doing this one at the spur of the moment……TENNESSEE 28-ARKANSAS STATE 10.

  3. rockytop78 says :

    Tennessee 31
    Arkansas State 17

  4. Rick says :

    I agree that this week will be tougher. 27-13

  5. ssmart55 says :

    I’m with Bert…

    Tennessee 31 – Arkansas St. 10

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