What is keeping you up at night about this team?

A lot of positives came out of the Utah State game — positives that I think that can carry on at some significant level for the entire season.

But there is one negative that is going to kill us this season: We Can’t Run The Football.

Throw in a sorry performance by special teams, and ol’ George Cafego ain’t getting much rest down in the ground either.

What say you?


5 responses to “What is keeping you up at night about this team?”

  1. bert says :

    it was a more impressive showing than i thought it would be and you make good points about the running game and special teams but
    even if they were above average the schedule is what keeps me up at

    @Ok, @Ga, Fla, @Ole Miss, Bama, @South Carolina, Mizzou….that smells
    like 5-7 to me….

  2. Rick says :

    O-Line worries me, but they can only get better. I thought the punter did a good job.

  3. TK says :

    we didnt pick season records on here but I too had 5-7. there is no O line to support the running game……yet

  4. Brscoggins says :

    Lack of running game

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