Are you down with the piped in music?

Playing every time the Vols defense forces the opponent into a third down is the popular DJ Snake & Lil’ John song “Turn Down For What” changed slightly to “Third Down for What.”


It is a note for the Big Orange fans in attendance to make havoc and a reminder to the Vols defense to bring everything to the next play. And it’s allowed by a new NCAA rule allowing music to be piped into college football stadiums while the ball isn’t in play. 

After Sunday’s win, Curt Maggitt said, “That’s why you play defense. Third down is the money-maker. That’s the play, you’re making it or you ain’t. Third down for what, we’re just getting hyped. That’s the opportunity to get off the field.”

Utah State converted on just three of 14 third-down opportunities, with the last coming on a 3rd-and-3 in the final minute.

Do that against Florida (October 4) or Bama (October 25) and I’m buying DJ Snake & Lil’ John’s next CD.

What say you?


4 responses to “Are you down with the piped in music?”

  1. TK says :

    Well I can put up with it but I say the fan base should be able to make sufficient noise without the help of the music. Who chooses the band and the tunes anyway and do they stay the same for each game. Maybe throw in something there by “Root Boy Slim and the Sex Change Band”, right Bert????

  2. Rick says :

    I thought it was great. Then again, I am all for making it as crazy as possible. I am thrilled that the Pride of the Southland band is playing more up to date music, and the drumlins going on the field during warmups was awesome. Honestly, I have heard The Chattanooga Choo Choo and The Tennessee Waltz enough.

  3. Tk says :

    Yeah the drum line to finish up warm ups was a great addition

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