What will the margin of victory be for Tennessee’s win against Utah State on Sunday evening?

Quite the presumptuous question, don’t you think?

Tennessee vs Utah State

You don’t think Utah State could really defeat the Vols at Neyland do you?

I indeed do think that they could. But I don’t think they will. Even with the unknowns regarding our linemen on both sides of the ball, and our kicking game, our skilled guys will trump their skilled guys.

But by only 11 points.

Tennessee 31 Utah State 20

What say you?


7 responses to “What will the margin of victory be for Tennessee’s win against Utah State on Sunday evening?”

  1. TK says :

    Fred Ill up your spread by two and go TENNESSEE 27 UTAH STATE 14. These Sunday games are rough to predict arent they?

  2. ssmart55 says :

    Up to 30 true freshmen to see playing time on Sunday. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? It certainly says a lot about what was in the stable when Jones arrived.

    Utah St. has the quarterback that could definitely come in and lead them to victory. But I think the opening game crowd and atmosphere will overcome the inexperience of the young Vols and they come out victorious in a high scoring affair, 35 – 24.

  3. Brscoggins says :

    TN by 3

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  4. rockytop78 says :

    Tennessee 27, Utah State 21

    (With no confidence at all in that, due to the way-too-many unknowns about the Vols; but hope springs eternal . . . .)

  5. bert says :

    i’m going with scoggins…in fact, i’ll even agree with him on the score:

    tennessee 3 utah state 0

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