Dooley Fired

After last night’s disaster, the only surprise is that nobody knew at what time this would be announced.

An official announcement was released by the university this morning after 11:00 am EST.

Tennessee Athletic Director Dave Hart released this statement:

Derek and I met early this morning, and I informed him that I believed a change in leadership, despite the positive contributions he has made to the overall health of the program, was in the best long-term interests of Tennessee football. We will immediately begin the search for the best possible candidate to assume this leadership role.

The university’s statement also indicated that Dooley will not coach this coming Saturday against Kentucky. Offensive Coordinator Jim Chaney will be the interim.

A press conference will be held in Knoxville at 2:00pm EST. It is widely reported that Dooley will not be in attendance.

More will be posted later today, including a requiem on last night’s embarrassment.


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3 responses to “Dooley Fired”

  1. rockytop78 says :

    I think you and I had a conversation 2 years ago in which we thought that Derek Dooley was the next Doug Dickey. We were one coach off — he appears to have been the next Bill Battle, instead.

    I’m not surprised at all how things unfolded after the debacle in Nashville last night; although I am saddened that things did not work out better for the Vol nation (and the Dooleys, as well).

    I listened to Dooley’s statement on the radio this afternoon, and it was very gracious. I remember after the Bill Battle era came to an end (moving van and all), when someone wrote (perhaps quoting Hemingway) that the definition of grace is when you are run out of town, and you make it look like you are leading a parade. Whatever his faults as a coach, Derek Dooley is bowing out in a classy manner. I wish the best to him and his family.

    • norcalvol says :

      I share your sentiment. This is at times a very messy business. We forget how these episodes are played out in public. And with that comes a heavy dose of humiliation. Dooley didn’t cheat on his wife, and wasn’t involved in a child sex abuse scandal. All he did was lose football games. Yet this has to be humiliating on multiple levels.

      Regarding the Battle era ( you and I were there), Bill was vilified by the fanbase. It wasn’t until after the firing that we outwardly expressed what a quality man he really was. But he lost too many games for you, me, and all of us.

      And if I remember accurately, his players carried him off the field after his last game. Against Vandy.

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