Good Night, Irene

Maybe someday I will write a post-game article about today’s 51-48, 4OT loss to Missouri.

But then again, maybe I won’t.

Until then…

… here is an appropriate message, from the fingers and the lips of the great James Booker:

Don’t you let me drown.

Don’t you let me drown.

People, people don’t you let me drown.

No, no I don’t wanna wanna drown.

I don’t wanna wanna drown.

I kinda kinda want to drown.


It could be Derek Dooley singing those lines.

It could be you or me…


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5 responses to “Good Night, Irene”

  1. rockytop78rockytop78 says :

    Actually, some music by the Doors comes to mind about now: “This is the end, my only friends, the end . . . . This is the end.”

    • mjones says :

      you guys are embarrisng the SEC East…..losing to Mizzou…..really
      you may want to to start thinking about moving to D2 to get back on your feet….
      and to think you threw Fat Phil to the street for the likes of Lane and Derek…..yikes

      • Norcalvol says :

        Oh yeah. I forgot our main role was to represent all the other schools in the SEC East. LOL.

  2. Jan Evett says :

    Actually, I was thinking of one of Doug’s ancestors (rumored to be anyway). Even if you don’t agree, you’ll enjoy the NC history lesson told in this video:

  3. tk says :

    sometimes i feel like ive been tied to the whipping post…………………….and i like leon russells version of “good night irene” but its all relative i guess. that OT called i made ……wasnt it brilliant…..LOL

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