I’m Back!

Thought I was lost or dead?

Well, perhaps unfortunately for some, no. Instead, the 2012 season beckons, and I can’t resist the siren song of Tennessee Vols football. Never have, and possibly never will.

Opening posts will look at the defense, in general and position-specifics, to be followed by similar looks at the offense and special teams. There will also be a season outlook, a W/L prediction for the 12 scheduled games, and a preview of the opener against the NC State Wolfpack in the Georgia Dome.

So, I’m back. I hope you will be, too!


6 responses to “I’m Back!”

  1. Jan Evett says :

    Welcome back … it’s almost football time in Tennessee!!

  2. TK says :

    glad you are back……especially when i heard hesitation in your voice about doing this again when we talked in california. i cruised thru knoxville this afternoon and you could smell it in the air…….

  3. Bryant Denny says :

    Good to see you back.

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