Misplaced criticism of Wes Welker — is Tom Brady untouchable?

With a little over four minutes remaining in the Sunday’s Super Bowl game, The Patriots were up by two points and were driving to put the game away. It was second down and 11 at the Giants 44 yard line. Wes Welker found himself wide open in a seam on the left side. It would have been a first down and much more. As the ball neared the wide open Welker, he suddenly was seen going backwards, body twisting, ball hitting him in the hands, then falling awkwardly. The critics came out of the woodwork after the game and even much more on Monday.

The fact is, the ball thrown  by Tom Brady was behind Welker, whose body on the route was facing to the inside. The ball was just enough to the outside to make Welker look like a goat.

The problem for New England was the drive stalled right there, the Pats punted, and Eli Manning went on his now-famous fourth-quarter-Super-Bowl-winning drive.

Folks are always looking for a goat. Why not Brady? Welker is an easier target.

Totally misplaced criticism. Watch the replay.

An article by Chris Brown posted at Grantland gives a thoughtful, in-depth analysis of the play. It’s a great read. But all you really have to do is to watch the replay. Seems like the vultures go for the easy kill when goat-hunting. Unfortunately for Welker’s resume, Brady appears untouchable to goat-mongers.


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