How would Peyton Manning look in a Redskins uniform?

In 1998, first round draft pick Peyton Manning became the new quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts. Team owner Jim Irsay opened that door for the former Vol great by first firing the general manager Bill Tobin, then coach Lindy Infante, and finally quarterback Jim Harbaugh. Fastforward to the present, 14 years later.

This month, Irsay started the deja vu train by firing vice-chairman Bill Polian and his son, Chris Polian, the general manager. Yesterday, head coach Jim Caldwell was fired. Big questions are obvious. Will Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck be the first pick in the NFL draft, currently held (unless part of a trade) by Indianapolis? And what of Peyton Manning, 36 years old, having recently had his third neck surgery since March 2010?

The answers will depend in part on what Manning is willing to do. And that will be influenced in part on what Irsay’s grand plans are for the rebuilding of his franchise that sunk this season to a 2-14 record, earning that number one draft pick.

Manning could retire and go off into the sunset. I secretly hope he does. Fusing neck vertebrae doesn’t sound like something you want to have done before playing football. A wheelchair is not the setting anybody wants to see.

Manning could be traded to make room for Luck. That is a complicated scenario. A $28 million option bonus awaits Manning by March 8. Manning could stay with the Colts and be that senior mentor to Luck. It was Daddy Manning who recently doubted that “either one wants to play on the same team.”

Or, Peyton could wind up with another team, via free agency or a trade. The March 8 bonus  date would likely have to be pushed back for a trade to be possible. And, a trade requires a dancing partner, and Indianapolis would likely ask for a pretty good dancer in return. Or, maybe even a whole dance troup. Or, maybe Irsay would find out that all the dancers have left the gym.

I remember Joe Montana in a Chiefs uniform. I’m old enough to also remember Joe Namath in a Rams uniform, and Johnny Unitas in a Chargers uniform. None of those quarterbacks looked right in their new duds at the ends of their careers.

Recently, Mel Kuiper of ESPN indicated that the most likely options for a new team for Manning would be Washington, Seattle, Miami, Kansas City, and Cleveland.

Peyton Manning just wouldn’t look right in a Redskins, Seakhawks, Dolphins, Chiefs, or Browns uniform.


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5 responses to “How would Peyton Manning look in a Redskins uniform?”

  1. Jan Evett says :

    Peyton Manning would look FANTASTIC dressed as a UT VOLS HEAD COACH, and I don’t think he would need to wear orange pants to get them back where they need to be – in my humble opinion.

    Does anyone else want to see him retire from the NFL and coach The Vols?

    Yea, I’m pretty sure I’m not alone! Although I don’t know enough about his commitment to the NFL/Colts to say when that might be a possibility.

    What do you think?

    • norcalvol says :

      Yes, he would look good on the sideline at Neyland.

      But I’m not ready to jump on the bandwagon for him as the Vols next head coach. Being a great player doesn’t necessarily give him the right skills set to become a winning coach. I don’t know what he’d be like with 18-20 year olds, and don’t know what kind of administrator he’d be. But one thing about him – he could recruit.

      But, you are not alone. Many would love to see him become the Vols HC now. Clay Travis included.

  2. Bryant Denny says :

    I obviously could not stand the dude when he played for the Vols, but he’s one of my favorite NFL players. His love of the game and hard work are admirable and require respect.

    If his health holds out – and that’s a big if – he could definitely play four or five more years and make a team an instant playoff contender. I’m certain – if he can pass a physical – that some team will jump on that.

    I don’t want to see him in another uniform, but given the financial aspects of this situation, I just don’t see the Colts hanging onto him.

    • norcalvol says :

      His love of the game and work ethic — indeed. I don’t see him with the Colts either. I just wish I knew more about the real risks that he will subject himself to if he plays again. I’m sure he will be made aware of them.

      One thing is for sure — he will not go to a team unless they have a helluva offensive line…

  3. tk says :

    well peytons intelligence has always impressed me. i hope he uses it to realize he should retire NOW. i guess im a loner in that im not all that interested in him as a vols head coach. i do believe he would be an excellent offensive coordinator for a pro team……..and also isray is one who lives on the edge sometimes. i wouldnt be totally shocked if isray evaluates the situation and tries manning as head coach…….what do you all think of them taters?

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