How to win the Sugar Bowl

First, don’t play Wisconsin during the regular season. Then, get invited to the Sugar Bowl and play a perpetually overrated school.

When there, get out-gained, 377 to 184 total yards, get out-rushed, 163 to 56 yards, get out-passed, 214 to 128 yards, and have possession of the ball nearly 14 minutes less than your opponent. And finally, play a team with a third-string place kicker who, after successfully kicking four field goals in regulation, can’t make a 37-yarder in overtime. Yes, it was another day of kicking sensations.

College football — ya gotta love it.



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4 responses to “How to win the Sugar Bowl”

  1. Jay says :

    You missed “don’t go to your conference championship game.” Sparty hadn’t lost there, they’d have been in the Sugar. And dominated.

  2. tk says :

    living in an area where you have to be EITHER a vols fan or a hokie fan and you cant be both, plus the fact that our blogmaster trained me to be a wolverine fan many years ago……..well this game i loved

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