Source: Dooley to resign on Tuesday?

6:44pm EST:  The same source of the information that I reported earlier today has informed me directly that Tennessee head coach Derek Dooley will resign on Tuesday (tomorrow) at 1:00 pm.

That’s all I have – a simple message, received from someone I trust that should know: “Dooley is resigning tomorrow at 1.”

If I receive any further news — supporting this or refuting it, I’ll let you know.

Seems improbable, but regardless, hold on to your hats…

8:59pm EST — UPDATE: Source says that the information is from the inside, but that it could well be crap. We’ll see. Wouldn’t be the first time that inside information was crap.

10:15am EST Tuesday — UPDATE: Yes indeed, the information that Dooley would resign on Tuesday was crap. Dooley appeared at a meeting with the press Tuesday morning in Knoxville and made it abundantly clear that the reports of his death were greatly exaggerated. So much for ‘inside’ sources. They are as prone to mis-information as the rest of us. And so it goes. That has been addressed in my Tuesday post [read here]. And, it should be emphasized that numerous stories at other outlets that Randy Shannon would be announced as the new defensive coordinator were not true either. Life in Knoxville with the Vols remains as crazy and rumor-driven as ever. I don’t think it will even change.



13 responses to “Source: Dooley to resign on Tuesday?”

  1. Blow me says :

    Your so full of crap

  2. Jan Evett says :

    Who do you think might be the next Vol coach? I read your previous post, just wondering if you have a prediction. In a perfect world, who would you like for coach if you could choose anyone?

    • norcalvol says :

      Too early to speculate because we don’t know if Dooley is really resigning. This information is based on a single source, unnamed, who acknowledges that it could be false. I feel pretty comfortable that Dooley has little support left, but this rumor — which is what it is — could be false.

      Let’s wait and see if it is true first.

    • norcalvol says :

      Could be all about naming a new defensive coordinator and nothing more – that’s the most prevalent rumor at the moment.

  3. tk says :

    im drinking now as bad as majors used to!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Bryant Denny says :


  5. da roc says :

    OK…….Look at dereks contract and you will see if he resigns He owes the university 4 million.. If he is fired they owe him 5 mil……You can find his contract by google.. Look my opinion if he quits he must be running somethin on the side cause he has barely made 4 mil. So this (IF IT IS TRUE) has to be a termination. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  6. DMC says :

    So Dooley is holding a press conference at 10am (which has been confirmed) and then resigning three hours later according to your anonymous source?

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