Regarding concussions, does it matter how the sausage is made?

Jacksonville Jaguars’ running back Maurice Jones-Drew put his two cents in on the current concussion cavalcade…

The only reason they’re (the NFL) making a big deal about concussions right now is because the league is getting sued over it. Before this, you never heard about it.

Maurice must be a Vols in the Fall reader. Didn’t we just say that? Yes we did. Welcome to realpolitik, NFL style.

According to, Jones-Drew indicated that he takes the risk because of his family and said he strongly believes NFL teams would be hesitant to sign players with a history of concussions, and therefore he would hide a concussion to stay in a game, even if it meant increased potential for long-term health issues.

Well, Bully! That’s his choice.

Sometimes, change happens for benevolent reasons. Sometimes not. This is in the ‘not’ category. Yes, the NFL is taking action because of the immense liability facing the league as a result of (at present count) at least eight lawsuits being filed in recent months. As we wrote on this very site just a week ago:

The NFL must use its collective head to immediately do everything in its power to eradicate this most dangerous of plays from the game. If the league doesn’t invoke this strategy on its own, the courts may see to it that they do. And that will be a much more expensive and potentially damaging proposition.

Change for the betterment of the game (i.e., minimizing the most dangerous of all injuries) results in the betterment of the game, regardless of the reasons for that change. In this case, I don’t really care how the sausage is made. What is right, is right.


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