For the Record: Week 12

For the record…

The last time Kentucky beat Tennessee…

Tennessee LB Doug Archibald posing with the Beer Barrel in the 1960s. Photo courtesy of

“Dire Straits became the first artists to sell a million copies…of a CD.” – @DooleysHair

“The Tennessee band was known as the Pride of the Confederacy Marching Band.” – @boomerdangle

“People liked Chris Berman.” – @BLeez17

“It was a fluke.” – @VolJunkie

“The Colts were still in Baltimore.” – @mac_b_from_tn

“There was no three point line in college hoops.” – @JasonSwain

“Geico used real cavemen in their ads.” – @dru924

“Kentucky basketball was still cheeting.” – @wilrclark

“ET only needed a dime to phone home.” – @hairmetalhenry

“(It) would’ve been undocumented if not for the paintings inside Mammoth Cave.” – @DanDBradley

“Lou Holtz was roaming the earth with dinosaurs.” – @abbsunderwood

“Wait, Kentucky actually beat Tennessee? Get outta here!” – @mind-of-fish


Tennessee vs Kentucky Predictions:

Billy:  37-13 Tennessee (+24 / 50 total pts)
Sandy:  31-10 Tennessee (+21 / 41 total pts)
NorCalVol:  28-14 Tennessee (+14 / 42 total pts)
Bert:  21-10 Tennessee (+11 / 31 total pts)
RockyTop78:  24-21 Tennessee (+3 / 45 total pts)
TK:  24-23 Tennessee (+1 / 47 total pts)
Orangebobber:  AWOL
Scoop:  AWOL

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2 responses to “For the Record: Week 12”

  1. Jan Evett says :

    LOL! Let’s just hope we’re the ones still laughing at the end of the day today! Go Vols!

  2. TK says :

    well one thing has changed since 1984. the university of tennessee will not be sending the beer barrel to lexington. it remains locked in a tennessee equipment room presumably forever.

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