Underdog to Underdogs

If you want to know the current situation of Tennessee Volunteer football, look to Vegas.

Vandy opens as a one-point favorite against the Vols this Saturday.

The game is to be played in Neyland Stadium. That’s where the Vols play their home games.

Surely this has happened before. I just can’t remember when. Feels like never.

Andrew Gribble reminds us that this is just the second time since 1985. Last time was 2008. Vols 20 Commodores 10.

That was the week before Fulmer’s last game. That was a week after Fulmer was fired.

Head coach Derek Dooley told us after his team’s uninspired performance at Arkansas, “We’ve got to move on, and this team is going to get defined by how it competes these next two weeks.”

Coaching staff, too.



2 responses to “Underdog to Underdogs”

  1. rockytop78 says :

    Well, in 2008 the Vols were playing for their coach who had just been fired (in significant part, I think, because the team had let him down on the playing field too many times that unfortunate season). That provided a degree of motivation that is absent here.

    In 2005, the Vols were 4-5 coming into the Vandy game, and that was the year that Jay Cutler beat us on a last minute drive down the field (against John Chavis’s “Mustang package”). The Vols were playing for pride that year, and it didn’t get us very far.

    We are essentially playing for pride this year — as in 2005 — against a Vandy team with a talented quarterback — as in 2005. These parallels make me rather uncomfortable.

  2. Norcalvol says :

    Our motivation should be bowl eligibility. Last year, same thing. But last year, we had a new jolt of energy – Bray. I agree – this is uncomfortable. This year, it all feels broken.
    Dooley, in his post-game comments, sounds frustrated, which is deflating, rather than angry, which has energy.

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