The State of the SEC East as Source of Frustration on Rocky Top

What’s really the most galling about the fall of the Vols’ fortunes is the timing of it all.

Opportunity lost to have loaded up on more of these. Photo courtesy of The Tennessee Journalist.

The SEC East is there for the taking, and possibly for a long time. The problem is that there isn’t a great program to capitalize on the vacuum that is the Eastern Division of the Southeastern Conference.

Look at today. Three of the four nationally ranked teams in the SEC West — Alabama, LSU, and Arkansas — are ranked above the two ranked minions of the SEC East, South Carolina and Georgia.

Also, the overall W/L record of the top four schools in each division compare this way: 29-4 (West) vs 21-11 (East). Additionally, the once-powerful Florida Gators, who held what seemed like a head-lock on the East for years, are a very ordinary 4-4 with a 2-4 conference mark. They are unranked.

For the first time in what seems ages, pundits are beginning to opine that the SEC is no longer the deepest conference in college football. They may be right. You can thank the SEC East for that.

Does any SEC East football program look like they could become so dominant as to virtually lock out the others for a string of years? Georgia with Richt is like a ticking timebomb. Florida with Muschamp and Weis seems a bit of an enjoyable mess. Spurrier could depart Columbia at any time, leaving Gamecock fans to get reacquainted with their former selves. Vandy and Kentucky are going nowhere.

The Vols picked one helluva time to go on the schneid.


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5 responses to “The State of the SEC East as Source of Frustration on Rocky Top”

  1. Bryant Denny says :

    I know this is a pointless question, but one I’ve wondered about…

    All things considered, would UT be better off if they had kept Fulmer? Surely he had the program sliding, but under Fulmer, they would have been a stable program that could have filled the vacuum that exists now. Don’t you think?

    Have a good day,


    • norcalvol says :


      For starters, players were out of control.

      Of course, I don’t know what our record would be right now had he stayed, but this program got to a point where he needed to go. Hamilton made a complete mess of his exit, though.

      • TK says :

        i agree he needed to go. and thats not a negative statement toward all he did. dont pick on hamiliton tho for his mess of an exit. its our tradition. majors was swept under the rug while trying to get back to health, battle dooms himself on of all things a punting play, and dickey sneaks off to florida like the colts left baltimore. tradition is big in knoxville………this must be one of them. oh and i forgot to mention kiffen didnt i?

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