George Mooney’s Spirit Will Fill Neyland Stadium This Saturday

The original ‘Voice of the Vols’ died Thursday night.

From 1952 through the 1967, George Mooney announced Tennessee football games on the radio. During his last season, one of my fondest memories growing up in East Tennessee was listening to the Tennessee-UCLA game from Los Angeles. It was a night game, which it started at about 11:00 pm my time on that Saturday night. It was magical trying to picture in my mind everything that George Mooney was describing. It was from Los Angeles!

Many years before, on a Homecoming Day on Shields-Watkins field, Tennessee faced LSU. The Tigers had Billy Cannon. The following three weeks, Tennessee ended that 1959 season with losses to Ole Miss, Kentucky, and Vandy by the scores of 37-7, 20-0, and 14-0. But on that Homecoming, The Vols somehow defeated the Number One ranked LSU Tigers. On November 7, 1959, the Vols conquered the best team in the land, breaking LSU’s 19-game winning streak.

George Mooney called that game. I wish I could have heard it. I wish I could hear it now.

May George Mooney’s memory and spirit fill Neyland Stadium this Saturday when the Vols once again face the Number One LSU Tigers on Shields-Watkins Field.

Have a listen, and watch. Get ready for goose bumps.

Go Vols!



4 responses to “George Mooney’s Spirit Will Fill Neyland Stadium This Saturday”

  1. tk says :

    thanks freddy…..i loved it

  2. JanEvett (@JanEvett) says :

    That was great! Goose bumps indeed. Thanks for posting the video!

  3. Jon Powers says :

    Well done. George was a great, great man who led an amazing life.

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