A Frightening Look at LSU Last Week

With one eye forward to Neyland Stadium on Saturday, peaking through palms of hands, here is one eye backward at what LSU did at Tiger Stadium last Saturday.


Winging it. Photo courtesy of Sports Illustrated.

The LSU running game was superb – 238 yards worth of superb. Tiger runners averaged 4.9 yards per carry and were led by sophomore Spencer Ware (#11) from Cincinnati, Ohio who ran for 109 yards and 2 TDs. Sophomore Alfred Blue (#4) added 70 yards and a TD.

Of course, freshman Tiger punter Brad “Tauntmaster” Wing’s 44 yard gallop that should have ended in a TD, if not for a moment of insanity (the punter’s or the ref’s – you make the pick) on the now-famous fake punt, allowed the Tigers to eclipse the 200-yard mark.

According to reports, Wing took off on his own accord.

But, what came over him to spread his wings with a slight torso twist back at the Gator defense? I’ll let Brad tell us in his own words.

“I’ve never been anywhere near an end zone before.”

He doesn’t have enough padding to be doing that sort of thing no matter what you might think of the rule and it’s interpretation last Saturday.

Regardless, it was a pretty average day running the football for LSU. For the season, the Tigers are averaging 183.5 yards on the ground, and rank second in the SEC with 17 rushing TDs.


LSU threw the ball only 14 times all afternoon. And that’s from two QBs – seniors Jarrett Lee (#12) and Jordan Jefferson (#9). They may not be the dynamic duo that was Roger Staubach and Craig Morton, but Lee and Jefferson completed 10 for an average of 15.4 yards per completion, and 2 TDs. That includes receptions for 57 and 37 yards by juniors Rueben Randle (#2) and Russell Shepard (#10). Jefferson seems to be working his way back into the fold just nicely following earlier troubles off the field in a bar.

Oh, and the Tigers lead the SEC with only four sacks allowed in six games.


Florida had only 12 receptions, and frankly, they didn’t help much either. Granted, they were using freshman Jacoby Brissett to throw the ball. Prior to Saturday, Brissett’s game log stats showed “Did not play or did not accumulate any stats.” Nonetheless, it was nothing but fun watching a Gator QB throw for less than 100 yards for a change.

LSU’s defense held the Gators in check to a season-low 213 total yards and 100 yards passing. LSU stole two Gator passes for INTs. Florida was only 2 for 11 on third down conversions (not including the Gators’ 1-for-2 on fourth down). LSU’s vaunted line held good runners like Chris Rainey and Mike Gillislee to 108 yards. That makes next Saturday look like another minus-yardage game for the Vols’ ground attack.

Florida’s drive chart was about as simple, and ugly, as possible. The Gators executed only 49 plays. Six possessions were 3-and-outs, with an additional two possessions ending in an INT after only two plays on one ‘drive’ and one play on the other. The Gators’ longest drive of the game, a 14 play/59 yard possession, ended with only a field goal. Florida’s only TD came on a one-play drive, a 65-yard pass play. Their second longest drive (10 plays and 29 yards) ended with a turnover on downs when the Gators failed on a 4th down attempt.


So, with all of the Vols’ problems that have built up to this moment that feels like we’re starting all over and doing so on the edge of a cliff, a look back at LSU’s destruction of Florida, if insightful, is downright frightening.


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3 responses to “A Frightening Look at LSU Last Week”

  1. tk says :

    thank you fred for trying to ease us gently into the destruction thats on its way. ive always had a ray of hope, no matter how small, in about any game tennessee was about to enter. thats gone already for this coming saturday. that by no means implies that im a fair weather fan. im not. but was is coming could be beyond our imagination. we have all seen crazier things happen in the world of college football but i just cant get anywhere close to that feeling for this upcoming game. i believe it will be brutal. im just worried that the brutality wont end with the game. the rants and raves will follow and that can so easily be the demise of a program. all this followed by the TIDE. two things about the tide tho. i dont believe saban will grind it in….not to an old friend and coworker. they may win big but without saban showing his ass as to what he could do. also i think volunteer fans because of the cherished rivalry with alabama can tolerate a blowout from alabama better than they can from LSU?…… comments my good man?
    ……….and although this has nothing to do with the vols or with college football, i pay my respects to mr al davis. a one of a kind of which we wont be amazed by or entertained by again. ill miss him. JUST WIN BABY!!!!!!

    • NorCalVol says :

      If the worst happens on the field, the stupid people off of it will have their day no matter which team blows us out. There are those that love this kind of atmosphere – they love to hate for some reason. There are some very strange fans out there. But I’ve gotten used to them over the decades – I’ve been a Phillies fan for a very long time, so I have the experience of being a part of a fan base that has some pretty dark psyches.

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