Floridian Folly

On Saturday, LSU demolished Florida 41-11 and pushed the Gators out of the Top 25 AP Poll.

Not just the Gators – the entire state of Florida.

For the first time since Dec. 6, 1982, no team in the state of Florida is in the AP rankings, ending a run of 472 AP polls that included one or more of Florida, Florida State or Miami. Central Florida and South Florida were also in there a time or two.

Crocodile tears.

Of course, there is a problem. The LSU team that swept the Gators into the dust bin is the Vols’ opponent on Saturday.

Damned reality checks…



2 responses to “Floridian Folly”

  1. tk says :

    if i m not mistaken the worst defeat in neyland stadium history was last year against oregon………35 points………this stat is very fragile………especially this coming saturday

  2. JR says :

    Don`t get “Tebow`d ” with the jump pass like the gaytards did last week.. God that was classic

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