Shot of Truth to the Blind

As predicted, the issue of the impatience of the fan base has risen following the Vols’ loss to Georgia in Knoxville this past Saturday night.

Derek Dooley comes across as funny and folksy. Underneath is a very serious student of the game and of human nature. His metaphor of water and bamboo wasn't meant to be funny. It was a shot of cold water for those who need a lesson in perspective and reality. Photo by Amy Smotherman Burgess, courtesy of

Within a long answer to a question in the post-game interview, Derek Dooley said this bit of management, knowledge-leadership wisdom:

“We’re water and bamboo. It’s about all I can say.

Bamboo sits there. You water it, and water it, and water it. And it sits there and doesn’t grow, and doesn’t grow.

And you water it, and you keep watering it, and nothing’s happening. And if you don’t understand bamboo, you say it’s never going to grow. And then you come out one day. Schooh!

And that’s what’s going to happen. I don’t know when that is. But I can’t sit there and worry about ‘they’re down and if we don’t get them now, we’ll never get them.’

No. We’ll get them. Our time will come. It’s not right now.”


There’s a lot of people in the Vol Nation that do not understand bamboo, literally or metaphorically.

They sure as hell don’t understand football and the state of our program and the reasons for it.

Send all of your hate mail to Phil Fulmer and his decade of complacency.


Thanks to memphispete over at RTT for posting a link to this pearl of wisdom.


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