Another Reason to Hate CBS Sports and ESPN

Nothing is sacred anymore.

The first night game at Neyland Stadium was played on 16 September 1972. Tennessee beat Penn State 28-21 in a memorable game. News Sentinel File Photo courtesy of

A lot of old-time Vols fans (TK comes to mind) remember when every home game was at 2:00pm (early season) or at 1:30pm (late season).

Of course, every now and then, for a truly ‘special’ event, Tennessee would play at night. The very first night game at Neyland Stadium was against a bunch of yankees from Pennsylvania, led by Jo Pa (before he got really old), who legend has it, refused to play in Knoxville during the early part of the season because of the southern heat and humidity.

So, we installed lights!

Penn State came. Penn State got waxed.


I was just on the horn with TK this morning who was telling me for the 100th time how he doesn’t care much for home night games. And then I saw this

LSU's Tiger Stadium at night. Apparently, meaningful issues like this don't carry any weight anymore. Photo courtesy of

Tiger Stadium is known for, and nearly synonomous with, night games. The first one was in 1931 when the Tigers defeated Spring Hill 35-0.

And you thought only Tennessee played a soft schedule back in those days.

LSU has played the majority of its games at night and the Tigers have fared much better under the lights than during the day. Since 1960, LSU is 201–59–3 (.773) at night in Tiger Stadium compared to a 20–22–3 (.476) record during the day over that span.

That brings us to 2011. The game time for the LSU-Auburn game in Baton Rouge was announced be at 2:30 pm local time. So?

So, that means that for the first time since 1935, LSU will not play a conference home game at night.

I’m speechless.



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3 responses to “Another Reason to Hate CBS Sports and ESPN”

  1. Orangebobber says :

    TK comes to mind when I think of “old” also.

  2. tk says :

    check that drivers license OB……… whos old?
    and is that statistic correct on LSU daytime conference games at home…….UNREAL
    and just for the facts that picture of neyland at night im pretty sure is not that first penn state game cause i dont think the section of the south end upper deck was there yet….quite sure it wasnt……..but hell, im old, so i could be wrong

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