The SEC is Going to the Dogs

With Sunday’s announcement that Texas A&M is officially joining the Southeastern Conference, it made me think ahead. Eventually, my inkling is that the conference will go to 16 schools. That means three more universities would be added.

With a sweet-16 sized conference, how will the SEC continue to partition itself for the purpose of deciding its champion? Will it be two divisions of eight? Or will they go to a radical four divisions of four to add two more post-regular season games? If they go to the four divisions of four, I see Tennessee being grouped with Georgia, Mississippi State, and newcomer A&M. Why?

Because obviously our group could be called the Dog Division.


Top Dog



Ugly Dog



Uglier Dog



New Dog



One response to “The SEC is Going to the Dogs”

  1. JanEvett (@JanEvett) says :

    I like the way you think, Top Dog!! Smokey is definitely the lead dog in this pack.

    Who do think might be the other 3 new additions? Speculate, please.

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