For The Record: Preseason and Week 1

Alright. For the record…

“The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook.” (William James)

“Not everything that counts can be counted; and not everything that can be counted, counts.” (Albert Einstein)

“Patience is the companion of wisdom.” (St. Augustine)

“People with above-average intelligence and curiosity talk about ideas; people with average and below-average intelligence and curiosity talk about events and other people, respectively.” (Anonymous)

“Mmmmmmmm. May a bloated yak change the temperature of your jacuzzi.” (Carnac the Magnificent)

None of these wise owls, not even the old late-night soothsayer, has anything on us.

Here’s the list of infinite wisdom to kick-start another glorious season of Tennessee Vols Football.

Preseason Predictions:

Billy:  8-4
DW:  8-4
RockyTop78: 8-4
Scoop:  7-5
Bert:  6-6
Sandy:  6-6
TK:  6-6
NorCalVol:  6-6

Tennessee vs Montana Predictions:

DW:  52-10 Tennessee (+42 / 62 total pts)
Sandy: 42-7 Tennessee (+35 / 49 total pts)
Billy: 43-10 Tennessee (+33 / 53 total pts)
NorCalVol:  47-17 Tennessee (+30 / 64 total pts)
RockyTop78: 42-21 Tennessee (+21, 63 total pts)
TK:  37-17 Tennessee (+20 / 54 total pts)
Scoop: 31-13 Tennessee (+18 / 44 total pts)
Bert: 37-21 Tennessee (+16 / 58 total pts)


Teacher:  “A equals pi r squared.”

Student: “Pies ain’t square! Pies are round!”

Teacher:  “In the corner, son, in the corner.”


4 responses to “For The Record: Preseason and Week 1”

  1. rockytop78 says :

    I am happy for the season to finally be starting: not only can I pull out all those great quotations from the literary giants, like Browning (“Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s heaven for?) or the Bard (“We are warriors for the working day” plus St. Crispin’s Day Speech), but I also get to hear our head coach Derek Dooley quoting Richard III (“A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!) to the football team! Something that I doubt ever happened under Philip Fulmer or Lane Kiffin, who I suspect were more likely to quote, if at all, from Hank Williams or Snoop Dog, respectively. Not, as Jerry Seinfeld would say, that there’s anything wrong with that; it’s just a different kind of “received wisdom.”

    So here goes, with a nod to the schizophrenia that I always feel during UT football season, where I always seem to be “scaling the heights” or “plunging to the depths” — often on consecutive plays:

    Montana game:

    Left-side brain prediction: Tennessee 42, Montana 21 (+21, 63 total points)
    Right-side brain prediction: Tennessee 59, Montana 10 (+49, 69 total points)


    Left-side brain prediction: 8-4
    Right-side brain prediction: 10-2

    • norcalvol says :

      Hey RT78, glad you’re back in the fold.
      Or, as Phil Fulmer may have said, “hey, Big Shooter, good on ya for com in’ on back in the barn!”
      Just remember, when that received wisdom comes at you, have a pencil at the ready.
      For posterity, and the hypothetical financial gains to be had, I will record your left-sided logic rather than your right-sided dreaming. (your right side has a very active imagination! Do you see bright orange-laden colors when these optimistic visions enter your sphere?!)

      • rockytop78 says :

        The right-side brain predictions are always helped by a few Negra Modelas and/or IPAs along the way!

  2. TK says :

    ahhhh ………in the corner…..i remember long ago a young lad being put in the corner for “attention getting”………..something about how you tell a man from a woman!!!!!!!

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