It’s Finally Football Time in Tennessee (Again)

Montana Grizzlies vs. Tennessee Volunteers
Saturday 3 September 2011 | 6:00 pm EDT
Neyland Stadium | Knoxville, TN | PPVTV and

Here’s what you need to know about the 2011 Montana Grizzlies.

  • Feature a hurry-up, spread option attack.
  • Lost some considerable talent at RB, S, and DL.
  • No. 1 and 2 QBs are a sophomore and a junior, the latter being the 2010 team’s second-best rusher.
  • RB situation hasn’t been sorted out (injuries and graduation), so the ground game looks very weak.
  • Starting OL and DL are experienced and fairly deep.
  • LB squad is even deeper in talent – Jordan Tripp had 99 tackles last season and is an All-American candidate.
  • PK is also an All-American candidate, and last year was also the punter and did KO’s.

It all boils down to Tennessee being able to get some good full-pads practice against a hurry-up, spread offense as well as lighting up the Grizz secondary to get the summer practice kinks out.

That’s right. Tennessee should maul the hairy bears.

I’m in no mood to show any ‘respect’ for a rebuilding Div II school. As a matter of disclosure, I’m in no mood for this particular game. At all. Cincinnati in a week? Sure. I’ll look forward to watching that one, with an eye forward to Gainesville.

But, in the meantime…

…let’s just get it started and get this one over with and in the books.

Tennessee 47  Montana 17


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11 responses to “It’s Finally Football Time in Tennessee (Again)”

  1. bert [aka, huge] says :

    glad to see you’re back fred…

    at any rate, my season prediction is also 6-6…i see a 4-game losing
    streak[georgia, lsu, ‘bama, south carolina]…but, like terry, i think
    they also are capable of winning a game they shouldn’t. my candidate
    for that is the georgia game [hopefully aaron murray is not playing…].

    if they beat georgia, who could start off 0-2[v boise and south carolina],
    then the vols will go 7-5….

    as for the montana game, go vols!!!

    UT 37
    grizz 21

  2. Billy (CW) Smart says :

    All right. I’ve gotta think now. So I’m going to go with as a season prediction… 8-4. I think the vols will probably have a better year than last year. As for Saturday…

    Volunteers- 43
    Grizzlies- 10

  3. Sandy Smart says :

    I’m not quite as confident as my young son 😉

    If they win the games the should win, that would give them 6. I think the chances that they pull off an upset against one of the SEC “juggernauts” is about the same as them slipping up and losing one they shouldn’t.

    So, it depresses me to say I expect a 6-6 season. Good enough to get in a bowl game. And with half the team being freshmen and sophomores it can be something to build on.

    Or maybe Tyler Bray becomes a star and Billy’s prediction comes true!

    As for this Saturday, Billy and I will be there. I think they will be prepared well and win with an expected margin. I”ll go with Vols 42, Grizzlies 7.

    • norcalvol says :

      That’s what happens as we age, Sandy… lose that youthful optimism about the Big Orange.
      Good to have you and Billy back in the fold.
      Hopefully DW will chime in as well. I know TK is lurking somewhere.

  4. Scoop says :

    OK Vol fans, I have been reading this blog for a couple of years now, so I thought I would join you this year. Looks to me like we are probably looking at a 7 – 5 year or even possibly a little better. I will stick with 7 – 5 see what plays out.

    As far as the first game, looks like ole smokey trees a small bear to the tune of UT 31 – Grzzlies 13!

  5. TK says :

    well vols……if you didnt get my season prediction , cause i left it on an earlier post, its 6-6
    and now for game one. this one was hard for me and i didnt get into it as much as i usually do but here goes. tennessee 37….montana 17. now if this does become a UT blowout im not gonna listen to the call in show on the way home because all the idiots will be callin in and asking if we think that the vols may run the table. i dont have the patience for that. GO ORANGE

  6. DW says :

    hey boys — seems like it’s been a long time — but time hasn’t changed much in the prediction category has it? The season record guesses look just like last year with the guarded expectations still permeating the page. I think it’s time for some raw exposure; take off the cup and hang ’em out for all to take a shot at:
    Season 8-4 (Billy’s got it right)
    UT 52 – MT 10 ( and 7 of the 10 in the 4th qtr.)

    I’m gonna be a little out of touch the next 2 games as I’ll be touring out in Fred’s territory. So, let me be ther first idiot to put those scores on the board too-
    UT 37 – Cincy 22
    UT 17 – UF 16

    OK, Fred, I hope that’s enough chimin’-in from me.

    • norcalvol says :

      DW! Welcome back!

      Your optimism is welcome here, as well as the advanced picks (woah!).
      OK, so if I see somebody out here in a carolina blue T ridin’ a hog, I’ll know it’s you.

      Which reminds me – where’s Orangebobber?

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