It’s Barbecue Season

Next weekend, I will be in Chicago eating barbecue. Next weekend, Mike Hamilton will be down the road in Indianapolis getting barbecued.

That’s right. It’s time to face the music. Except that it’s Dooley and Martin that will be at the hearing instead of their predecessors Kiffin and Pearl, whose actions are the subject of the meeting with the NCAA Committee of Infractions.

Eleven of the twelve major violations are focused on Pearl, Kiffin, and Co., whereas the remaining violation is aimed at the university for failing to monitor the men’s basketball coaching staff’s improper phone calls. Hamilton indicated that most of the questions will be directed toward the coaches’ actions.

OK, fine. But what really bugs me is what Hamilton said about his two young coaches.

I think it’s good for them to go… While it’s two days out of their life, I think it’s helpful to understand what the process is and understand this is a place you don’t want to be.

He speaks as if he’s their father, taking them to the scene of a car wreck in hopes of instilling in his teenage sons the virtues of safe driving.

Dooley and Martin are grown men, and have more life experience in the world of playing and coaching that Hamilton does in anything related to sports. They both know the environment that they entered when they hired on, especially Martin. They don’t need any public life lessons from Hamilton of all people.

I can only hope that Hamilton is fully aware that this hearing reflects on him and him only among those that will be present at the hearing. He is the Athletic Director and has certain responsibilities and accountabilities in the matters related to Kiffin and Pearl.

Remember, he hired them both.

If Tennessee’s football and/or basketball programs get nailed at this hearing, Hamilton should be offering profuse apologies to our young coaches, not naive and patronizing sermons.

I’m not going to hold my breath.


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3 responses to “It’s Barbecue Season”

  1. Jan Evett says :

    Hammy doesn’t get it – he should be held accountable for everything that has happened under his watch. Why is he not being held accountable by the University? What would it take to send him packing down the road?

    By the way, I object to the use of such horrible (uugggglllyyy) graphics in your excellent blog post! Looking at that pic is like watching the train wreck that has been the UT men’s athletic program in recent years … painful.

  2. rockytop78 says :

    Well, as of this morning, while Hamilton will be at the NCAA “barbecue,” HE WON’T BE THE ATH-A-LETIC DIRECTOR ANYMORE (at least after June 30, anyway)!!

    Now we just have to hope that Phil Fulmer will NOT be appointed as either interim or permanent AD in his place.

  3. Jan Evett says :

    Thanks, you just made my day!

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