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While catching up on news, I saw a post on RTT that dutifully provided video from You Tube without much explanation or interpretation. It’s a good thing, because trying to summarize the content of Chuck Smith’s monologue on Friday, given to a handful of reporters outside of Neyland Stadium while buses, cars, and motorscooters loudly rambled by, would be a lengthy affair. Lengthy not because of the duration of the video (25 min) but because of the convoluted nature of the content.

On February 5, 2010, Smith accepted the position of defensive line coach offered by Derek Dooley, Smith’s high school teammate in Athens, Georgia. Exactly one year and one day later – the weekend after national Signing Day – Smith was no longer a member of the Vol coaching staff.

The press reported a mutual decision between Smith and Dooley was reached for Smith to leave the staff. In that 366 days, a whole lot of stuff apparently happened. And, Smith went to lengths on Friday to indicate that ‘mutual’ was not the appropriate adjective.

There were stories of dissention within the staff during the 2010 season. Reports centered on Smith and defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox and linebackers coach Lance Thompson. Jimmy Hyams wrote that Smith told him the day before Friday’s verbal ramble that “Lance Thompson is the head coach of that (bleeping) team. He runs the show. That’s the reason I’m outta here. They were intimidated by my presence.”

“Intimidated by my presence.”

The message of that phrase bleeds through the entirety of Smith’s monologue. He certainly makes it plain that he is a loyal Vol, through and through. But the ego factor dominates. This is a man spurned, and his reaction, although intended to be measured (he had notes), is raw and visceral.

Giving the monologue for the camera was I think an unwise decision. But just like viewing the scene of a car accident, the video in two parts included below is not to be missed.


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2 responses to “Exit Monologue”

  1. Jan Evett says :

    Now wait, I’m confused … who is Chuck Smith?

    There weren’t that many “thank you’s” at the academy awards!


  2. tk says :

    well i think this press conference (or whatever you may call it) just shows that concussions in football do have long range affects. did chuck smith get knocked around a lot when he played?

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