The Kiff that Keeps On Giving

Cam Newton got a pass because the NCAA’s investigation indicated that he was not aware of his father’s pay-for-play scheme. And, because there was no link to Auburn either, they were allowed to win the SEC and national championships on the field. There was, of course, rampant speculation and all kinds of correlations leading to causation, implicating Cam and his father and Auburn and Mississippi State and the SEC and the NCAA and, well, why not throw in Mubarak?

It was only a matter of time before Lane Kiffin’s name surfaced with all of this.

Any regrets?

There is some bloke named Scott Moore who has a radio program in Huntsville. He apparently is an Alabama fan. That alone raises questions with regard to credibility and other characteristics of merit. Nonetheless, this person with the same name as Elvis’ guitarist apparently said on Friday that an audio tape (from John Bond and Bill Bell, two former Mississippi State players) has Cecil Newton (Cam’s father) asking for money from Mississippi State with Cam in the room at the same time. Bond was the person who went to Mississippi State to tell them of the pay-for-pay scheme after Bell called him with the news.

Moore also says that Cecil claimed to have a $200,000 offer from Tennessee.

This is not exactly a news bulletin – this had been spouted from the face-hole of a caller on the Paul Finebaum show many weeks ago. Not much of a credible source, either.

But, beyond the obvious slap in the face that the price is to the Vols (we’re surely worth more than that), this bit of heresay, if fact, indicates that either (1) Tennessee’s name was being thrown around only as a bargaining ploy by Daddy Extortionist to raise the price for the future Heisman winner; or (2) Lane Kiffin and Company (a name beginning with the letter “O” comes to mind) were doing more than making illicit telephone calls to recruits.

Which brings to mind this little question: If the NCAA knew about all of this, does it matter that this wasn’t mentioned in their recent Notice of Allegations delivered to Knoxville? Perhaps they know there is nothing to this and therefore had nothing more to say about it.

Or, perhaps they are still investigating that part of the Newton odyssey.

Yes, perhaps the Notice of Allegations letter and the forthcoming penalties is not the final chapter of Kiffin’s legacy in Knoxville.

Lots of if’s, I know.

However, when it comes to Kiffin, and the company that he kept, nothing, absolutely nothing, would surprise me.


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3 responses to “The Kiff that Keeps On Giving”

  1. rockytop78 says :

    Well, I can plausibly claim to have a small amount of surprise about this (not that I would anything past Orgeron), given that Cam Newton was not — from what I understand — the prototypical quarterback that Kiffin was looking for to run his offense. After all, Kiffin ran off our commitment Taj Boyd, who ended up at Clemson; and I thought that Newton was more similar in his skill set to Boyd than he was to Tyler Bray — who was the quarterback that Kiffin did want (at least when he couldn’t get Jesse Scroggins).

    This is becoming curiouser and curiouser; unless perhaps Orgeron was running his own recruiting game on the side (which also wouldn’t surprise me). To paraphrase a line from “A Man for All Seasons,” it may profit a man to sell his soul for the whole world — but for Cam Newton?

    • rockytop78 says :

      Oops, should be “(not that I would put anything past Orgeron)”. Sorry.

    • norcalvol says :

      Your observations about Newton and how his style of play might not have fit with Kiffin’s offense is interesting. It makes me think how truly amazing it is that Newton came out of practically nowhere to become college football’s number one star this season. It goes to show that sometimes it takes a lot of things coming together at the right time, at the right place, with the right coaching staff and philosophy for a player to blossom. How many players are there right now that could be but will not because the right circumstances will not come together? So true in many aspects of life as well.

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