Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Off Tackle Empire projects North Carolina to be Tennessee’s opponent in the Music City Bowl. That bowl is publicized as a matchup between the SEC #7 vs the ACC #6 teams. Those position levels are not etched in stone – generally they are good only as a guide for starting cocktail party conversations.

The ‘Heels’ 4-4 conference record ties them for the ACC sixth spot with three other ACC schools: Boston College, Clemson, and Georgia Tech. Carolina and BC have 7-5 overall records; Clemson and Tech are at 6-6. Tennessee is tied with Georgia for 8th in the SEC with a 3-5 league mark. Georgia soundly whipped the Vols this season; you could relegate the Vols to the 9th position. So, you would think that Tennessee might be going elsewhere.

But, the bowl selection process has always been a bit of a mystery to the average fan. Drawing power, location, sponsor wishes and ties, and perhaps TV network desires all may play a factor in the actual selection.

Another factor might be the schools’ respective Athletic Directors. Something in a dream told me that Mike Hamilton might just use his only (paid-for) bowl game black ball to (un)gracefully back out of a game (again) with North Carolina. If he gets his way (again), a better bet for the Vols might be Georgia Tech, which would be a decent draw for a couple of 6-6 schools in Nashville, Memphis, or perhaps even Birmingham.

But wouldn’t it be interesting if UNC’s AD Dick Baddour could trump Hammy’s exit wish in order to get a little shot at payback (remember, it was we’uns that backed out of the home-away series with Carolina)… Karma may just be hiding in the shadows.


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