… and TK Wins the Sweepstakes

This dusty little corner of the blogosphere started about five years ago as friends/fellow alumni sending each other our pre-season and pre-game predictions. Now that our nonsense has been made public with Vols in the Fall, and the group of prognosticators has grown over the past year with the addition of Billy and RockyTop78, a compilation for our season’s genius is in order.

Hear ye, hear ye, the Kangaroo Court is now in session. Mr. Secretary, please read the results…


The first set of numbers is the pre-season prediction for the regular season record. The second set is the record for pre-game predictions. The listing is in order of number of game-to-game predictions submitted.

  • 6 – 6 | 12 – 0 | TK
  • 5 – 7 | 12 – 0 | NorCalVol
  • 6 – 6 | 10 – 1 | Bert
  • 7 – 5 | 8 – 1 | Sandy
  • 7 – 5  | 7 – 1 | Billy
  • ? – ? | 6 – 1 | RockyTop78
  • ? – ? | 6 – 0 | Orangebobber
  • 7 – 5 | 4 – 2 | DW
A few things… TK and Bert get the kudos for correctly predicting the 6-6 regular season record. Everybody else was only one game away: Billy, Sandy, and DW would have had it with their 7-5 if our players/coaches had counted correctly during the final seconds at Baton Rouge. I (NorCalVol) would have been correct at 5-7 if we would have dropped one in November, which is what my 5-7 prediction counted on. So glad I was wrong.

TK and myself get the kudos for going 12-0 on the pre-game predictions. I’ll be much happier when I’m 12-0 and the team is 12-0! The only blemish on Billy and Bert’s predictions was picking Tennessee over Georgia. Sandy’s only miss was picking UT over Spurrier’s boys. Orangebobber was perfect but only picked half of the games; RockyTop78 nearly so with his 7 predictions (he picked Ole Miss over the home crowd for his only dark spot). DW was the eternal optimist in his 4-2 picks, losing out with visions of UT beating Georgia and South Carolina.

Combining the two, TK takes the crown because he got the season record spot on with his pre-season 6-6 prediction, as well as his perfect game-to-game 12-0 mark. Just shows he’s been at this longer than the rest of us!


Thanks to all for your participation. Only TK and myself gave predictions for all 12 of the games. There’s next year to make amends for that! And, there is of course one more pick this season for all of you to make – the time, date, and opponent for that one has yet to be determined.

Stay tuned for that and a lot more this December.


2 responses to “… and TK Wins the Sweepstakes”

  1. tk says :

    well i graciously accept the sweepstakes win. freddy takes the words out of my mouth as i was going to say i guess its me doing this a little longer may have given me an advantage. but something else comes up here. i never understood those college professors emphasizing attendence so much. made no damn sense to me at the time. but now that i see how being here for each game prediction essentially is what put me over the top its all hit home with me……35 years later!!!!!!!!!!!!!! better get to all your classes next year bobby and donald, of course with you two some things never change.

    • orangebobber says :

      To bad it took him 35 years to realize that attending classes and doing your homework is important.

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